Linlai Elite vs Psvane Acme 845

Personal experience with the two tubes.  What is the difference between both tubes, which tube has better SQ and which tube do you recommend?  Thanks members!! 


I am unable to answer your question in full, but hopefully I can give you a response that is nonetheless valuable. I haven’t heard a comparison, but I’d be willing to bet the two are almost identical with some slight variations at best. Just as some of Shuguang’s best engineers branched off and formed Psvane, Psvane’s top engineers left and formed Linlai. That said, the quality control has since dropped from Psvane’s tube lines such that Grant Fidelity will no longer carry them.

I’ve never owned any Linlai tubes, and the Psvane ACME tubes I have owned (845 and 300B) never gave me any problems or were never short of spectacular. But if I were able to buy Linlai Elite at the same price, I’d probably find myself springing for those instead. 

Can the Acme tube be bias at 80-90ma, extreme pushing the tubes to the highest level,  from what i heard it does red plate when it’s being push too the maximum. In my situation if i need power, would the Linlai  works best for my speakers?  Specs wise, 100w dissipation and metal plates for the Linlai. 

I'd also be interested in hearing from those who've tried either tube. Yes, I too have heard of Acme 845 tube failures, mostly with Line Magnetic amp, can't recall the forum, perhaps Whatsbestforum.

I don't know if this has any bearing on 845 tubes, but I have experience with Linlai Elite mesh and solid plate, Psvane WE101D in my Coincident Statement pre, and Psvane Acme 300B in my custom build 300B monoblock amps. Linlai solid plate best with Psvane a close second, Acme 300B wonderful tube, way superior to prior Shuguang Black Treasure.


Reportedly, there were problems with early Linlai Elite 101D tubes, since rectified, I did have failure of one mesh plate.


Based on above specs you mentioned, it would appear the Linlai 845 should be more rugged.


I don't think Grant stopped carrying Psvane because of excessive failures, this was far more about marketing conflicts of interest


Back to 845's. I've been running 845 amps for well over ten years now, experienced failures from TJ Fullmusic and KR, never any issues with either Shuguang or Psvane, the Psvane Black Bottle special editions purchased at Grant Fidelity I'm using at present are best 845 I've heard up to now.

@sns I think the Grant Fidelity change was a bit of both. There was some friction coming from Psvane, but in the fine print, some of the quality control issues emerge:

”FYI, in the past 12 months, Grant Fidelity have returned 161 tubes from the factory deliveries of Psvane tubes, EVEN AFTER the screening at the tube factory with our provided test equipment, and AFTER we paid a price premium for the screening and selection service. That is nearly every other day we have a failed defective tube from the supply of ‘screened’ Psvane tubes. In the past decade, we have returned thousands of defective tubes.)”


I'd agree it was bit of both. But then the issue becomes Linlai principles came from Psvane, why should we trust Linlai durability anymore than Psvane. I'm not sure tubes are always to blame in tube failures, some of these amp manufacturers run these tubes hotter than 845 specs allow for.

I finally bought the Linlai E 845 tubes.  It’s all hype it’s an ok tube nothing special about it, sounds is kind of lean with no air, bass is tight but doesn’t blossom, to my ears the NOS United is alot better.   With only 50 hrs on them kind of new, we will see i will report back.  

@zipost My experience with power tubes is they need a minimum of 100 hours, you should hear a greater sense of openness, bloom starting around 80 hours, may take up to 150 or more hours for full bloom. I recently purchased Psvane Acme 300B tubes, followed this scenario exactly, Linlai Elite mesh and solid plate 101D's in my preamp, and various 845's in another amp same deal.

@zipost I would be happy to receive an update from you about the impression the Linlai E 845 is making on you, if there is a further increase in the play time since your last report. 

The more they settle and take on their sonic trait, will be good to get reports on, especially on how this valve compares in SQ to other 845's that are familiar.   

so far it’s been 2+months with the Linlai 845 tubes. I have jbl Everest dd-67000 speakers, driving my speakers with Komuro SET amps, pushing at 25watts output. So far the Linlai can bias really high without any problem, once in a while my filament fuse on the amp would trip, even when i swap tube from one side to another the same output tube would break the fuse. I am pretty sure it has to do with biasing the tube too high, which i plan to lower the bias point. Linlai 845 has good output rating, never would run out of gas, my only complaint would be the bass on the Linlai sounds stiff ( bass doesn’t blossom ) could be that the bias point is set above it limits.  Overall it’s an ok tube nothing too excited about it. If i don’t need the wattage, i strongly recommend the Shuguang 845 type C metal plate, to my ear it sounds even, has a nicer tone and overall a better sounding tube then the Linlai 845. Again, only if you don’t need the wattage and your speakers are efficient enough. I still like the United 845 better than the Linlai, Shuguang and RCA.

I purchased a pair of Linlai tubes (from Grant Fidelity).  I had my preamp serviced recently and discovered the tubes test low.  The technician stated they tested lower than any other 12 or 6SN7 that he’s tested.  And this was coming from a tube audio manufacture that utilizes a David Berning design.  The tester reached out to Grant Fidelity to determine why this was the case given the tubes were purchased in Sept. 2022 and it’s October 2023 (13 months).  He didn’t receive feedback to date.  I contacted the company and this is the received response:  For within warranty period, please read below for our position of 3rd party measurement. Tube factory maintains its own product quality control and credibility to its own measurement procedure.


Product test measurements: We do NOT accept any customer or 3rd party’s test measurement, on any brands of test equipment as the basis of warranty claim. If you do not agree with our test methods or test measurements, please do NOT place an order with us. By placing an order on our website, you have expressed explicit agreement to our product test methods and test measurements. This term cannot be re-negotiated AFTER an order is placed.



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So far i would pick the Psvane ACME 845 tubes.  Better highs, midrange just right bass is very articulate.  With the mesh designs, teflon internal structure, super black plate, really nice sounding tubes, super clean and transparent.