All in the Family

The Jones' are my favorite, Hank, Elvin and Thad. Bach's and Romero's close behind. Other favorite family musicians?
My favorites-- The Cowboy Junkies are made up mostly of Timmins family members, ie Margo et al. Is that what you mean? Cheers. Craig

The Carter Family (including Carlene)
The McGarrigles (sisters and their progeny)
The McCarters
Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer
Mary and Frances Black
Doc and Merle Watson

The Wilson brothers had a band that had some success
Well, Mes, good for you! You picked the family of jazz musicians that would probably get my vote. However, we can't forget the Marsalis family (even if we want to): Wynton, Branford, Delfeayo, and their father Ellis; the Redmans (Dewey and Joshua); the Freemans (Von and his son Chico); or the Brubecks (father Dave, and his 3 sons). We could also include the Brecker brothers; the Cuban father/son jazz pianists, Bebo and Chucho; the Cash family singers (Johnny, his wife, and her entire musician side of the family); etc.

And to wind up with a really obscure choice, I'll throw in my first wife's uncle and aunt, Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, two of the finest country musicians to come out of western Maryland. Joe was a superb guitarist, and his wife Rose Lee was an outstanding singer. And for those who say they never heard Joe Maphis before, I refer them back to the old TV series, "Bonanza" (with Pa, Hoss, Little Joe, Adam, Hop Sing, etc.). That opening musical theme for the show featured Joe Maphis on guitar -- you remember: dum-dada-dum-dada-dum-dum....
I could have said including Maybelle's son-in-law, June's husband. He married into the Carter family. There is no "Cash family," except for John and Rosanne. Then you could include ex-son-in-law Rodney.
Forgot Robin and Kevin Eubanks, both of whom I've seen. Robin with Dave Holland Quintet a few times. I guess if I've seen em more than twice, must be a favorite :-) Ah yes, Scott, Sun nights while growing up was Bonanza night, who could forget the theme. Who'd a thunk Ben woulda raised a werewolf. Also remember the first time I saw the Kinks, again I believe on a Sun. night, I think on Ed Sullivan in my youth. Dave Davies, the first metal guitarist IMO. Appreciate the comments above, quite educational.
Ah the history of popular music is littered with such family ties,here are some examples not already given,all of which have at least done some decent stuff.
Dire Straits.
The Jacksons
Buckleys-Tim and Jeff
Dylans-Bob and Jacob
AC/DC-Young brothers
Harveys-Alex and Les
The Carpenters
Eno's-Brain and Roger
Let's not mention Oasis.....obviously too there are many husband and wife teams-Richard & Linda Thompson etc.
New cult band The White Stripes feature in all categories since they are rumoured to be either husband & wife or brother and sister depending on which press you believe.
Sparks with Russel and Ron Mael( this town ain't big enough for the both of us),saw them at the Civic Theatre in Akron Oh in mid 70's. Didn't know Alex Harvey had a brother, saw the Sensational A Harvey Band in the 70's also. Was his bro in the band? Sad to say, missed the Carpenters :-)
Mes-Les Harvey played very early on with his brother-pre SAHB,by the time of SAHB,he was playing with Stone The Crows (lead vocalist Maggie Bell-a sort of Scottish Janis Joplin)tragically he was electrocuted and killed on stage in 1972-he was only in his mid-20's if I remember right.
What about the Osmonds, and the Partridge Family - the Brady Bunch recorded some pretty good stuff also :-)
Ben, I'll have to check my LP's for Lee Harvey on the early SAHB. Sounds like he succumbed to the same fate of another old favorite of mine Kieth Relf when he was with Armegedon, who I also recall was electrocuted, either onstage or in the studio while playing.Pops- saw the Partridges open for Mountain years ago, remember thinking how much their drummer, Danny B. reminded me of Bonham :-) Sadly, I've not seen any live recordings of theirs released.
Mes-Keith Relf ex-Yardbird was killed at home whilst playing electric guitar....yours in tragic trivia