Allison Krauss fans, try this one.

I bought the new album by Nickel Creek. Produced by AK. Great quality recording, fabulous talented musicians.
Agreed, great recordings, great music. I had the pleasure of catching them live in a small, intimate venue. Very talented young trio.
I too saw them in a small arena. My favorite band ever. If you just bought the new album. You're missing out. Their first album: "Nickel Creek" is leaps and bounds above the album titled "This Side".
Chris Thile, the mandolin wunderkind from Nickel Creek, has been putting out records since he was 10 years old, he has 3 or 4 under his own name, mostly instrumental, he just recorded one as a duo with multi instrumentalist Mike Marshall....they have a West Coast duo tour in late Feb/Mar. Very talented musicians!!!
Well, I would just add that you also shouldn't miss the new AK+Union Station "live" album. Terrific music. The version of "Down to the River to Pray" with the male harmony vocals brings shivers down my spine. Did't think you could beat Alison, Emmy Lou and Gillian/Patty (depending on whether you went with the soundtrack or the live tour) but the contrast of her pure soprano melody and the male harmony parts is just amazing. Add Jerry Douglas' dobro and the rest of Union Station and its two CDs of bliss for bluegrass/roots music fans. Also give "Wires and Wood" CD a listen. I actually liked it more than Nickle Creek, which is also very good.
Agree with Swampwalker on the new Krauss/US live CD. Decent
recording quality too. Nickel Creek's first is tremendous.
If you like Chris Thile's playing you need to check out
Matt Flinner too. Has a couple of solo discs on Compass and
tours with Leftover Salmon.
Yes! Leftover Salmon is fantastic. I saw them in the same intimate venue as the Creek (Mangy Moose Saloon - Jackson, WY). Great stuff.
Meisterkleef hit on a good one.....Matt Flinner is a great player, he also can be heard in a trio format with David Grier on guitar and Todd Phillips on bass, they have two great Trio CD's out, under all their names, very well recorded. I just saw Matt with The Modern Mandolin Quartet, playing classical music, it was around the holidays & they did the Nutcracker..
I knew he could improvise, it was interesting seeing him play classical music, Matt is an exceptional musician!
Oh yeah Sternart, those Flinner/Grier/Phillips trio discs
are fabulous! Also on the Compass label. You can also check
out some more of Matt Flinner's work with Judith Edelman
also on Compass. I guess he liked playing in her band as he
married her recently! I think she's taking a hiatus to have
some kids or some such, which is when Matt joined Leftover
Salmon's touring band.

Lots of great acoustic stuff on the Compass label.

So is anyone here going to Merlefest this year?
I'd love to do Merlefest some year, great lineups they get there, an incredible list of acoustic musicians....I hear weather can be a problem for that one....I'm off to Wintergrass in the Tacoma/Seattle area this month, since I'm hailing from the Left Coast, it is a lot closer. And no weather issues as it is indoors.
Check out Chris Thile also on Bela Fleck's "Perpetual Motion" CD of classical pieces. He is one of the guests. Fantastic recording! It is amazing to hear good musicians of different genres harmonizing their styles with impeccable taste.