Allnic Audio A-6000 vs Pass XA 30.8

Maybe an unfair A/B ... yet FYI

After a 17 day x 24 hour burn in of the Pass at solid levels running music I had a listen to trusted digital files I've heard for 20 years as my REFs ... hoping there was a SS amp that could rival the Allnic.  The A-6000s are stock internally, running 2 x EML 300 BXLS on each side. Mullard drivers.  Gain between the amps was within 0.5 db of identical.

Evolution Acoustics MM3 Exact, Bricasti M1 SE DA, Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper Cables, Crane Song Avocet Class A discrete pre (pro audio)

Allnic was superior in every category:

Low end had more size, more extension, and more transient punch

Low level details were more resolved, more depth, more beautiful overall image

Harmonic differences of digital vs analog tape tracking in these well known reference recordings were masked by the Pass

Lateral size of both was similar

Midrange freq hardness around 1-3k with the Pass

Strong signature on every playback option that was very obvious.  I heard the amp as much as the music


I had similar experience recently with Pass XP22 pre I had purchased as possible replacement or backup for Coincident Statement MkII (Psvane WE101D) with a few other non-factory mods. Noise floors/resolving very similar, Pass the slightest more extension on top, bass impactful and articulate with both,  Statement greater transparency, larger sound stage, more dimensional imaging, more natural timbre. Statement produces palpable sensation of performers in room, Pass more hifi, analytical experience. 


Age old question of tubes vs SS.  In my room, in my system, and for my listening preferences, tubes have always won up to this point. I'll add the Pass was very nice, these were small but meaningful differences in my system.

If you're looking for an SS amp, consider two Los Angeles based companies:

- AGD Audio

- Magnus Audio _ the SS division of Canary Audio


The XA30.8 probably ran out of steam in Class A driving those speakers and was working too hard. Is your room large?

I had the XA30.8 and in Class A it was awesome no harshness. When pushed, things can change. 
In any case, the amplifier like XA30.8 is out of its league with your speakers. Try Boulder or the big pass mono amps like the x600.8

Thanks @steakster I will investigate 

Modest levels in a modest room   94 sensitivity.  The amps are wired straight to the mid range drivers.  Not much power is needed on these speakers w class d amps on the dual 15s @audphile1 .  30W a side is plenty.  

Yeah it’s just out of its league there in your system and it didn’t have the synergy I’m afraid. When I had the XA30.8 my interconnects were also AZ Absolute Copper. It was super smooth. My problem with that combo was fat bottom end and soft treble. That was with Pass XP22 preamp. I moved on to X260.8’amps and Nordost Tyr 2 XLRs and all the issues were resolved. Synergy is key.