alternatives to Lumin for preamp funcitonality ?


I've had phenomenal success with the Lumin preamp functionality, very quiet and tons of gain

I've run a D2 and T2 direct to power amp (no physical preamp or other components)

I would like to go back to my Bluesound Node as a streamer (prefer the software)

Is there a DAC/preamp alternative that specifically has strong preamp functionality

I was thinking maybe RME?  anything in the 2k range would work, not too picky in the dac section......more so the preamp



The RME DAC is great , volume control is about as good as you can get at that price.  

It sounds good , but honestly I preferred it at fixed gain with a really good preamp.   You will never get the same level of performance with a stand alone DAC with volume.  Unless you spend $$$

good feedback thanks

i guess the goal would be to equal the lumin d2/t2 quality


If you can find a Wadia 321 they employ the Sabre chip volume control. You can pick those up for ~$1k if you can find them.

But I agree with previous post. My streaming always sounds a bit better going through my Rogue preamp.

You can find Rogue RP-1s for around $1.5K then tack on a DAC within budget. Shiit Gungnir over on USAudio for $400.

RP-1 and Parasound pre’s over on TMR as well.

Even a Peachtree with a DAC and a Pre if your set on that.

and also this:


I demoed the Bel Canto DAC3VB with the VBS power supply in my system and could tell no difference between using it as a preamp versus my Bryston BP6 pre that was no slouch.  I was shocked to say the least.  At your price I’d think you could get a DAC3.5 or 3.7 with the VBS, which I highly recommend as it brings the DAC to a higher level altogether.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.