Am I Splitting Hairs With My Connections?

So I have a Monster Power Center and I’ve always wondered if it really makes a difference whether I plug my CD player’s power cable to the outlet marked "CD"? And the same with any other component. Are those outlets somehow tailored to the component that is labeled? For example if I were to plug my CD player into the TAPE outlet, will a difference be made? Will I hear it? Or are the outlets on the back of the Monster all the same, and the labels simply for convenience?

And, second question, what is the answer for the same example on my receiver? Like if I plug my CD player into the TAPE connection will there be a difference heard?

I know this is perhaps trivial, but it has been bugging me for a long time, any responses will be appreciated.

Thank you! Happy Listening...
I won't hear it because I'm not there.
If you try it and hear a difference there is that. Or not.
I will say that monster power and most receivers lack enough resolution for anyone to hear any "real" difference.
Most of the time labels are merely suggestions.
Usually they are all the same, except if you have one labeled "high current" for amplifiers.
Open it up. $50 says there's a bus bar going one outlet to the next, no difference whatsoever. DM for directions to pay me the fifty.
He did open it up, There are a few things going on in there, inductors, transformer, resistors, caps, Eproms, proms, (something smart), ferrite rings, diodes.

If you look you'll see they are tied right in with the outlet boards green wire, (can't see everything). There is a lot of filtering going on there, what it's filtering, is a good question. I would want to maintain the voltage, and have fast acting suppression, in the event of a spike, more than anything... I let a GOOD power supply fix the rest.