Amarra or upgrade my Wavelength Brick

I have a Wavelength V1 with a mac mini running snow os, should I upgrade the dac first or buy Amarra first, thanks for your help. Greg
I suggest you download the demo version os Amarra and see how you like it. Also, don't forget to try Pure Vinyl. I like it better than Amarra.
Sidssp: What do you like better about Pure Vinyl? It's considerably cheaper, isn't it? Last I checked, the full-blown Amarra was 1K, which seems a lot for software. Thx, J
upgrading my dac from the Cosecant V3 to the Crimson was FAR greater then adding Amarra.

I don't know a thing about Amarra, but I had Gordon Rankin upgrade my v1 Brick to a v2 for a couple hundred bucks. Best money in audio gear I ever spent.
I loaded windows on my mac, and started using foobar. That was a big upgrade and cost me next to nothing.

I have since switched to a fan less pc, and that sounds even better than the mac with windows did (assuming the power supply / noise bit is why).

I still prefer macs for regular computing but the sound quality difference between mac and pc was significant. Unfortunate too since the mac is so much easier to use.

If your looking for an upgrade id urge you to try that before paying for software to upgrade a mac...
well im using amarra and its spectacular ive been an audiophile going on 30 years, makes digital worthwhile remember garbage in garbage out and must have a synergy with rest of system.
the new Pure Music demo sounds much better to me than the Ammarra demo, I `ll get the Pure Music for 79.00 and skip the Amarra for 295.00, I do the Dac later. I like what I hear from Pure Music.
I downloaded PureVinyl and have been quite impressed as well. Perhaps not quite the difference I noticed going from the v1 to the v2, but still pretty darn impressive. It's still one of those upgrades that you need to listen to all of your music all over agian. The software can be a bit quirky, (sometimes stops after playing a song, etc), but seems to do it's job. Not bad for $129.

Drumsgreg, keep us posted if/when you jump to a v2. Also, I'm sure you noticed Wavelength announced a v3 24/96 as well. I'm curious how the v3 compares to the v2 for redbook files...
I saw Gordon said on another site that there was quite a sonic difference between the versions and that was v2 and v3, he changed quite a few things as I understand. Now has anyone actually heard it.

Boys the new Pure Music 1.2 sounds even better than the first version I have. I may bite the bullet and get the Brick done up to the V 3 , I was told it was a step up from the V 2, plus you can add the power supply and its better still, come on IRS.... send me my money :-)
Former Amarra Light owner/user. Converted to Pure Music Player 1.0. Now at 1.23. Simply kicks-Ass. Running in "Hog" mode and using the memory player feature to isolate from computer noise. Excellent sound. Best I have ever had. Glad I chomped on it @$79.00 when it was introduced.