Amazing Cartridge Repairs by Vinyl Audio Science!

I sent two cartridges to Vinyl Audio Science in Cliffwood, New Jersey.

The first was an old Dynavector 20x (not the X2).  The second was a Benz Micro LPS--their top of the line.   Both cartridges unexpectedly dropped their entire cantilevers from my sight.  The Dynavector was previously re-tipped by Soundssmith.  The Benz was practically new (from someone I trust) and there was no warranty from the company.  

Steve Leung of Vinyl Audio Science personally fixed them both. 

I've only tried the Dynavector and cannot get it off my table!

Steve's service was impeccable.  Fast communication.  Fast shipping.  He packed the carts better than how I sent them out.  He took photos and videos documenting the repairs.  Prices were superb!!  

I highly recommend Steve and VAS.


Oh the feeling to get a fantastic repair at a more than fair price with super service.  This guy deserves our work!!!!!!


To have a Cart' that is need of a Retip, a Service or even a Rebuild is not a task to be undertaken that does not cause a concern.

To have a access to a Third Party Service that can be trusted with the required work to be carried out, that is offered outside of the Cart's Manufactures Supply Chain is a very valuable service to have knowledge of.

With changes at hand between the Mainland Europe and the UK many in the UK are considering using USA Third Party Services to keep their Cart's in the finest of fettle. I myself am one of these individuals and have shared in discussions with USA Services, inclusive of the above Companies, about Cart's I own and what can be offered as a service, when the time arises. 

The turnaround time of the above Companies services is quite attractive in comparison to what other Services are willing to make known about their own timelines for work undertaken.

I was hovering around watching for the option of buying a Transfiguration Prometheus Cart' that had a Channel not functioning, I know VAS NY has resolved this issue on other Tr' Prom's, so I was confident I was able to get the outcome I wanted.

A change of intention incurred and I felt that before I made a offer, I would make  VAS NY known to the seller.

The Seller later sent myself a big thank you message, the VAS NY service had fixed the Cart' for extremely fair monies inclusive of shipping to and from the UK.

The Cart' owner was sure that the returned repaired Cart' was offering a much better performance that any other they could recollect.

A good Cart' Technician knows a thing or two about extracting the highest level of performance from a design. I know this from my own previous experiences.

A good Cart' Technician with the required knowledge from a Third Party Service can carry out these select treatments without any imposed constraint, as they are not constrained by a Manufacturing Companies imposed restrictions as to what their models should receive as a work. 

You lost me at why you are averse to having a cartridge repaired in the UK, except for the new economic disconnect between the UK and EU. Doesn’t the same apply to doing business in the US? Also is there evidence that other repairers in the US  or abroad cannot work on the Transfiguration Proteus?

I am commending the repairer of the Proteus, I have shared my intentions for a owned Cart' and they fully understood my intention and have also carried out work on another Cart' of the same model.

The owner of the Proteus contacted myself making their satisfaction with the returned Cart' known.

My system has had devices used within it, imported from the US in the years past and is to have a device used in it that was developed in the US in the near future, the parts to produce it are being acquired at present.

In relation to a Cart' being worked on by a Third Party Service, there is no averse thoughts toward any service, my statement made in the first post, is recognising that trust is a important factor, this trust was originally formed when using selected services based in mainland Europe.

A very high level of knowledge from Technicians offering their service for a price that is seen as quite fair, at a reasonable turnaround time, this is where the trust comes in.

I as well as others in the UK are seeing the trust side of the arrangement is to be formed in the USA, now that services in mainland Europe don't like to incur the messy costs that are commonly attached to a service offered to the UK, there is a frustration and requests for a service have been declined.  

"To have a access to a Third Party Service that can be trusted with the required work to be carried out, that is offered outside of the Cart's Manufactures Supply Chain is a very valuable service to have knowledge of". 

The above is available in the US, Technicians are seeing a regular turnover of repairs at all levels of need, and their skills are regularly attuned to the task in hand and for this I am grateful.  



Steve at VAS is a great guy and resource. Cartridge retipping is just one of the services he offers. He's a truly excellent tech.

Steve makes great cables as well. Truly a great guy in this weird world. Glad it worked out. 

I sent a Dynavector XV-1S to Steve Leung at VAS to retip. What a great experience !! 
Steve Leung will provide a few options of the boron and diamond shape with comparators so that I can understand the levels of the upgrade after the retip.

The craftsmanship is the finest. I install the cartridge at the same spot on the arm as before. That indicates the rod length and suspension compression angle are exactly same as the original.

The result of the retipped Dynavector is unbelievably good. It is like I upgrade the system. It is very detail, clear, no surface noise, full stage, pinpoint instrument layout, fully revealing voices, airy. 

Ironically, I just recently had my Koetsu Urushi re-tipped (literally, the OEM boron cantilever was NOT replaced) by Expert Stylus, in the UK.  The whole project, out from my home on the East coast USA and back, took barely a month, maybe less, and the cost was quite reasonable. I don't fully trust my own aural memory any more than I trust that of others, but to my ears it seems the Urushi with a new Paratrace stylus may be better than it ever was.  We are fortunate that there are several trustworthy and skilled practitioners of the art of cartridge repair, these days.

He took photos and videos documenting the repairs.  Prices were superb!!  

@jbhiller Did you have to request photos and video of the repair or does he do that standard?  He has one of my cartridges right now for a new body and stylus/cantilever, but did not mention this service.  How long did the work that VAS did for you take?

Ketchup, you should ask him about it.  He sent me photos and videos on completion of the job but before he shipped it out. 

Same here with VAS, pics and a couple of videos playing music and I didn`t have to request them.