Amazon Music HD..... Not For Audiophiles

Interesting article....

If you want a streaming service primarily for your smartphone or tablet, Amazon Music HD will work fine, because those are the platforms it was designed for.

Happy New Year!
From what I've read elsewhere, for Roon to integrate with a streaming service, the streaming service must regularly (daily?) run a custom interface to dump the metadata for all the content in their library, so Roon can make the required updates on their end.  In mid-2019 I read that Roon had eclipsed the 100,000 subscriber threshold.  The question I'd have is whether a huge company like Amazon would develop and support a custom interface for such a small number of subscribers (as only a subset of that 100,000 would opt for the Amazon subscription)?
Amazon HD: I wasn’t too impressed with catalog and more importantly the availability of my favorite artist in high resolution. For my personal taste in music along with Aurender’s superb Conductor app, Qobuz offers the best streaming experience.
Amazon HD has 50 million songs and has Apple TV and Amazon cube apps.

It sounds great to me, even in CD quality.

I find High Rez "way over rated" in most cases. 

Good original recording mastering counts more than High Rez mastering as far a sound playback quality, IMO.

Lots of Amazon haters out there. 
I'm glad someone can relax. I'm Prime and have no reason to check out AHD. Or Roon.
If I was paying for it I'd have to worry about getting my money's worth.
Not even interested enough to read the article.
Unrelated but Radio Paradise is bundled into my NAD streamer. Free, 320kbs. Their 'world' station knocks me out daily, it's so good. Not highrez but sounds like CD quality, good enough for me to turn on and enjoy the content without sweating the micro rez yadda.