Amp & CD for Tyler Acoustic Lynbrook System 2

Just picked up a pair of gently used System 2s - listen to smooth jazz and presently drive them with a Portal Panche SS 100wpc intregrated, Arcam CD 72 hooked to Musical Fidelity tube buffer and associated power supply. Like what I have but curious what others may be driving Tylers with.

Thanks - Frank
Coda is the brand I have found meshed best with my Tylers for amplification. Couple that with a nice quality CD player like a Consonance Droplet (or even their lower line CD players like the CD-120 I use) and the fit is quite nice, IMO.

Thanks Dave, I have familiarity with Consonance on the amp side - have a B2000x driving a second system - going to try that after a while as well to see how it meshes versus the Panche - any particular Coda model amp?

Their Class A amps are best, but all of them mate well with Tylers. Even their amps manufactured for Legacy Audio work well (and can be had for a lot less money). The Legacy amps are really Coda Continuum amps biased for Legacy speakers.

I received yesterday (8-11-06) my pair of the Lynbrook Signature System (1 piece system)in the gorgeous Ribbon Mahogany Finish and I am driving them with a Pair of Parasound Halo JC1 Monoblocks in High Bias(First 25 watts in pure class A) with my Parasound Halo C1 Processor and my Musical Fidelity TriVista SACD/Cd Player. For Interconnects I am using a 1 meter pair of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II from my Trivista SACD player to the C1 Processor and a 2 meter pair of Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II from my Processor to each Monoblock Amp. For Speaker cables I am using a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun (Biwired). Right from the start these Speakers sound amazing and I know they will sound Remarkable once I finish giving them at least 200 hours of break-in time.Look for my review after the break in period.