Amp choices

My discussion was delated for some reason.  I have an Aragon 8008 bb with SF Olympica 3 speakers.  I am borrowing a friends A 21 which I was told would clearly be a step up.  I'm not sure I agree totally.  .     
Yeah... not sure why it was deleted. Not going to retype what I wrote last but just add are you using a decent power cord on your amp? A Kimber PK10 Gold would work great on your amp.

I'm sure your LS17 does sound very good on your 8008 as well. A21 is a very nice amp but as noted on our discussion that was deleted, I'm not surprised it didn't destroy your 8008 as they're both very nice amps.
I have JPS power cords.  The new PAC Black.  It replaced some higher priced Shunyata's.      
As mentioned the Aragon 8008BB is a fine amp, I would even say wonderful amp, that will drive just about any speaker out there.  Neutral and punchy with great dynamics.  If your 8008BB is up to spec with fully functioning power caps, toroidals, diodes, transistors, etc., then IMO, no need to move on to the Halo or any other amp.

Nice speakers, they probably do deserve a better amp. The Aragon is a solid performer, and I would think it better than the A21, but I think both amps are mid-fi.

For a real improvement, you would be better off trying a high end amp from the likes of Pass Labs, Plinius, Coda, Wells Audio, or Clayton Audio.
High end speakers deserve a high end amp.
Yes they are nice speakers.  Thank you.  I was thinking about a more significant upgrade which would include a Pass 250.8 or a D'Agostino Classic stereo amp.  I think the A 21 might be a sideways move.
I have a Pass and know the Halo A series amps and there's no comparison. Not even close. I have a X250 not a .8. The older X250 is still a great amp and can be had for a lot less than the .8. I'm sure the .8 is better and that will be my next amp, but if you want to start for less the X250 will not disappoint; it'll be a big step over your 8008.

The Pass and Krell's are different from each. Some prefer one over the other so see if you can listen to them first. I listened to a couple of Krell's at home and at the local dealership and they don't do much for me. I preferred my previous ARC 100.2 over them as it was more musical to my ears.

If you pick up something used you can probably flip it and not lose much if you don't like it. Reno HiFi will let you demo which is nice; just have to cover the shipping if you decide not to keep. Not sure you'll find a Krell dealer to do that but maybe.

Thank you.  I hear good things about the .8 amps and the 250.8 seems to be the sweet spot.  You mentioned you know the A21 well.  Would you say it's sideways to the 8008? 
That Aragon is still a nice amp, some would say better than the Parasound.....those speakers are definitely worthy of something like a Pass.
The Aragon and Parasound are both nice amps, but they are different sounding from each other. I agree with others your SF are very nice speakers and I would look at a more refined amp than the Parasound if you're looking to replace what you have. Definitely a more sideway move than a Pass or some of the others mentioned. The Parasound is probably missing the authority of your Aragon, but the Parasound has a better balance. Both the strengths of these two amp will be there with the Pass but at another level. I remember the Aragon well and like the Paragon they both are really good, but they don't disappear; especially the Aragon. The Pass will disappear which is what a great amp should do. I really don't feel I'm hearing my amp but more of how nice my preamp is. 
Merrill Audio Veritas mono blocks will rock the 3's. These amps are refined,musical and will let the SF3's come alive in a way that is very involving and natural. The SF's need power to sound their best and the Merrill's will deliver in spades.
It sounds like a Pass 250.8 is something to look at as a real serious upgrade.  You are correct that the A21 is probably better balanced, but the 8008 has more control of the speakers.  I'm using AZ Hologram ii speaker cables and Wow ii interconnects.  I could probably do better on the interconnects maybe with Matrix ii or something from AQ.     
I know this discussion is mostly two channel purists! Presently driving pair of psb imagine t3s with krell foundation 4K and halo A51 parasound amp! Wired wth Cardas clear reflection cables! Parasound amp seems to stage and image psb t3s well! Feeding krell processor with ps audio DSD and PWT pairing ! Sound on given recordings life like! A21 amp I'm sure may be similar! Just my opinion !