Amp for Talon Raven C

i am looking for an amp that matches the talon raven c well.
i am open to pre/power amp combinations or integrated and would prefer to have tubes in the pre section.
prize range is 4000$ used but less would be better.
i read good things about

Belles 150 A ref
Simaudio Moon W5
Electrocompaniet MOnos 220 W

preamps i had on my shortlist:

Dehavilland ultraverve
Cary slp 98 or 2002
conrad johnson?

any shared experiences with these or others would be very welcome.
cable recommendations are also appreciated.for now i use analysis plus .
I have friend who is using Parasound Halo JC1 mono's with his TALON RAVEN C'S.
he was using TENOR AUDIO 75 watt monos at 3 times the cost and swears buy these.
The system sounds awesome.
I believe you can do a search here and find some used Parasound Halo JC1 in your price range.
good luck.
If don't want the heat the Parasound's generate, definitely go with the Sim Audio W5. I was using the W-10's with the Firebirds and it sounded very,very good.
I use mine with a Tact 2150.
It's the best amp i found so far, tried some Classé, a GamuT D200 but the Tact is way better.
Your thread has interesting timing, as I just happen to have BOTH Electrocompaniet AW220 mono's AND a brand-new Sim W-5 LE in my possession right now. They are connected to a VAC Renaissance tube preamp, and drive Talon Raven C's. Sources are Audiomeca Mephisto II.X and Esoteric DV-50 players.

As the new Sim only has a few hours on it so far, I don't want to offer any definitive comparisons yet. But - I can tell you this - these amps are VERY close to each other sonically, and both deserve their reputations for being natural synergistic partners with Talon speakers, just as your research and TWOPIPPIS suggests (HI WENDY!).

I also wholeheartedly agree that a tube pre should be in the signal path. Talons appreciate high voltage-gain power, so they respond very well to solid-state amps with bi-polar output transistors and lots of dynamic headroom like these units. BUT - they also seem to enjoy the 'kind word' from a few tubes, either from a tubed source or from the preamp. I find this gives me the best of both tube and SS worlds in one system (that also doubles as a Home Theater setup with a Talon Falcon center chnl speaker, Martin Logan rears and an EAD TheaterMaster pre-pro).

Finally, I can further confirm Wendy's comments that the Sim and EC's put out very little heat, can be left on constantly without affecting your power bill, and are really easy to live with.

Hope that helps, and good luck in your search...
Hi Bhouser
that sounds very interesting.which vac do you use?did you try other pres ?
i am playing with the idea of buying a w5.i really like that it doesn't run hot.if you could keep me posted on your findings about your comparison after breakin of the w5.

did anybody try the new ICE amps or has any input on them how they could match with ravens.there is a lot of hype.
they easily deliver a lot of power but i would be curious how their synergy with the talons is.acoustic reality offers some great deals.

Ndeslions did you follow this new "trend" having a tact and what do you think?
thanks for all the help
I think that i replaced 15.000$ of components (Orpheus One DAC, Classé CP65 pre and GamuT D200) with 5000$ of Tacts and get a better sound.
Now i don't feel the need to replace my electronics every 3 or 4 months anymore.
I've often thought that Blue Circle amps would be good match for Talon speakers. I haven't heard any pairings, it's just that Blue Circle amps take hold of speakers like no other amp I've heard, especially in the bass ranges, and still retain an incredible musicality. Talon is well known for its musical speakers. 2 + 2 = something more than 4?

Has anyone heard a BC/Talon pairing or have any thoughts on the match?

The EC 220's in mono are a GREAT pair of amps for Talon speakers. Also, the Cary SLP 98 is also a wonderful complement to this outstanding brand of speakers. MM