Amp for Vandy 3A?

I have a hybrid stereo amp from Blue Circle that's rated 80 watts into 8ohm, 100 watts into 4ohm. Is that enough/stable power to drive a pair of Vanderteen 3As? I've read these speakers may need more, but I've also read this would be enough power for moderate level listening. Or would I be better off in the 2CE sig, or sig II range..?

Happy Holidays!
I'm using the Modwright SWLP into Channel Islqnds D200's and love that combination into my 3 sigs. I used to use a McCormack 1 RevA but the CI's were a revelation in clarity and resolution. The Vandies tend a bit to the warm side but with these and the outstanding Modwright, these speakers really shine, IMO.
I paired 3A Signatures with all Audio Research gear (LS25mkII, slouches) and I didn't like the sound very much. I did not run the speakers full range in that configuration though, so perhaps a better balance would be achieved full range. I never listened loud, but 100 watts was more than adequate to power them for my taste. I also ran them in my home with some Classe's, Theta, and Ayre at different times. All of those amps had 100+ watts. So, I think that 80 watts should be fine to drive them to realistic levels. I used 20 watt amplifers with them once, and they were fine as long as not driven hard. Keep in mind, I had the 2wq powered subs in my system.

You may want to look into the sub, as it makes the 3A (and the amp?) sound a lot clearer and easier to drive.

Still not sure what I'm going to do, but I have a lots of time to decide.

Thanks for all the responses!