amp\preamp interconnect

I am looking to upgrade the interconnect between my McCormack DNA1 and a conrad-johnson PV10A. Currently using a Kimber PBJ. I need cable to be approx. 7 meters long. ( I know thats awful long, but options are few.) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Currently I am using a cable from a new company called lightstar audio. You will find his auctions on audiogon and he has a new site as well. Very good sounding cable-look him up. Good listening Bret
MIT 330 shotgun - am using between CJ PV10 and Classe CA200. Upgraded from PBJ, big improvement in every aspect!
I am using a 7 meter run of Tranparent Audio Ultra balanced. It is great cable and seems to work with most gear I try it with, which seems to be the most important thing since system matching is on of the most important things when it come to cable.
Ditto on the PBJ to Shotgun upgrade as posted above. I also went from 4TC to the MIT Shotgun speaker cable with the same jump in performance.They occasionally appear here and at other used gear ad sites at great savings.Read Shotgun reviews in the March 2000 issue of Stereophile. Better cables are a serious component upgrade.
Stay away from Transparent. My MIT 330 Shotgun has KILLED TRANSPARENT REFERENCE (latest version), and even MIT's own 350 CVT Reference (1 meter of either is well over $2000!!!!). Besides these, it has also killed HT Pro Silway 2, Cardas Neutral Reference, and AT Diamond! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS 330 INTERCONNECT ENOUGH...and I'm a solid state Krell guy! (I use AudioTruth Dragon speaker cable.) If a tube and solid state guy are in agreement, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? However, finding that long of a length would be difficult and pricey, even used. TRY HARD TO PERHAPS CONFIGURE YOUR SYSTEM TO CUT THAT LENGTH DOWN TO 3 OR 4 METERS, if even remotely possible...
Save money and cable phobia and buy a pair of Alpha-Core --the copper version will do great. Best sound you will ever get at any price. I have chased cables for 20 years. These get it done.
I've tried Alpha Core, and it SUCKS! Stay away from it, it's very distorted compared to competing brands. The "low impedance" philosophy is totally flawed!
Thank you all for your input, I think I will try the MIT if I can get a trial demo