Amp Repair

Any recommendations for a quality amp repair shop in the Bay Area? My Classe CT2300 had one channel fail…dead silence 😞.  I have confirmed it’s the amp and not another issue. 

Thanks in advance!


@briands78 Scott Frankland is the only person that touches my ARC Gear.

Give him a Call, get in the Queue, and patiently wait.

@clio09 is Correct for the Best in the Bay Area.

Thanks for your recommendations. I have given him a call and he is booked out until mid January. My other option, recommended by Classe, is to ship the amp to George Meyer AV in L.A. Shipping costs aside, I feel like I should just send it to the manufacturer recommended facility.  Reason being, aside from the current dead channel issue, the amp is over 10 years old and it may just make sense to go ahead and have it recapped now assuming the dead channel is repairable.

Have used GM before for a few repairs. All were done well. Pricing was fair and packaging for shipping (to HI ) was well done. YMMV

Do you guys know some good repair shop in the Miami area who can repair KR Audio mono amps?

Scott has been repairing my tube stuff for years, and recently worked on my Music Reference Rm200 MK2. If you want the best tech in the business, he’s well worth the wait. 

Fortunately, if I can't fix it or don't feel like it, I put it in my car and drive to George Meyer AV in LA.  They are about four or five miles from my home.


They are authorized repair facilities for so many companies that I have lost count.

Their technicians are very good, friendly and don't mind walking you through what they are doing.

I'm a pretty good electrical engineer and technician, but sometime, well you know.

For example, anyone try to work on a Mark Levinson 23.5?  Great, great amp, but a serious PITA to work on.  So yeah, George Meyer AV.  My Audio Research Gear, same.  I let them handle it.