Amp upgrade: Jadis JP15 + JA15 combo

I am currently considering an amp upgrade. Two questions: (i) Do I really gain much with switching from integrated to mono power/pre? and (ii) how does Jadis JP15+JA15 combo sound? Thank you in advance for any replies.

Current system:
Amp: Jadis Orchestra
Speakers: Peak Consult Incognito
CDP: Vincent CD-S6
Good luck if you have any repair to do on your Jadis because of the distributor...
N.B. My comment have nothing to do with the sound !!!
We are the Jadis distributor for North America.
In response to the accusation by Rocc1007, I would like to assure, all customers of our wholehearted and prompt support.

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Dear Pierre,

I am based in Europe but have heard numerous good things in different forums about your practice in North America. I do not have the opportunity to audition wide range of Jadis products and I would appreciate if you could let me know which Jadis product you think is a natural upgrade to Jadis Orchestra. My budget is around €6,000. Thank you.
Let me assure you that his(Pierre Gabriel) service is as good as it gets. I have called him of duty hours & he has replied to me ASAP even on weekends & public holidays. You cant go wrong with Jadis or Pierre Gabriel. Mind you I have used most of the hi-end stuff but keep coming back Jadis.