Amp upgrades under $3K for bookshelf system

Hello all,

I am looking for suggestions given the mind blowing number of options available. I currently own a Onkyo TX-RN626 Home Theater amp that I am looking to upgrade. Its been fine for general TV surround sound but I am now only looking to power Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 Bookshelves with a Energy (also could be upgraded/removed) powered sub. I have a Technics 1200MK2 Turn Table for Jazz Vinyl primarily. I really want something that can give me great sound at relatively low levels in about 1000 sq ft of general listening space. Living room/open kitchen with wood floors. I am looking to stay under $3k but have some room if necessary (used suggestions are great). I don't have a phono preamp but would certainly factor that in as part of the system. Thanks in advance.
Thanks again for another option I had never considered. Re Soix; I have an open space with a living room, dining room and kitchen that I want to be able to hear all nuances of my favorite jazz vinyl. Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, Billy Holiday, Al Hibbler, Joao Gilberto. Most of what I listen to are live recordings with varied sound quality. I have my speakers positioned where I currently get a decent sound stage (not great) when sitting in "my spot". I was hoping for an amp that could give great live sound in that spot but also fill the rest of the space with total sound with a relatively low volume (if that is possible). I have a family which enjoys my collection but doesn't want it cranked. I was hoping a hi power amp (200 WPC?) could give me that sound? I notice with my system that I hear the highs and lows fine but miss the subtle mid layers at low volume unless I am sitting in just the right place. Not at the dinner table or when cooking.
Take a look at the Kinki Studio EX-M1. I recently got one and it's exceptional at low level listening, has wonderful soundstaging that's just as detailed and robust at the sides as the center, and has over 215 W per side. It's the most resolving amp I've heard that I can afford.

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