Amplifier for Usher Be-10

Looking for feedback from Usher Be-10 or 20 owners on amplifier preference. How do tube amps (Audio Research 110 or 210, VTL 450, OTL's like Atma-shpere, other) work with the Ushers compared to solid state (McIntosh, Bryston, Plinius, for example). Also, anyone heard the combination of the LSA Statement integrated with the Ushers? Thoughts appreciated.
If your interest is the ARC Ref. 110 or Ref. 210, either would be fabulous. The 210's though are mono blocks and have twice the power of the 110's, so that problem or concern is already taken care of. I would only go with two Ref. 110's though as they are stereo amps and could be vertically biamped for mono block style operation and higher total power since two are used versus just one.

OTL's like Atma-Sphere, that are output protected as is highly important for OTL's, (try to stay away from Tenor and Joule Electra in that aspect), are fine with the higher nominal 8 Ohm impedances, which I think (I may be wrong) both Usher models have. However, having listened to several Atma-Sphere models on various speakers, the more power that you have to each speaker the better ... just like any other kind of amp; be it tube or SS. Ralph's Atma-Sphere's sound even better with the power supply upgrades of various sorts. Try the 140watt model mono blocks perhaps.

These two speakers like (react very favorably to) amps (tube or SS) that have sheer kahunas under the hood in terms of watts or current delivery or both.

SS amps like those you mentioned (by brand at least) would be excellent SS power amps. as they have what I mentioned above: guts and then some to drive and control the speakers very, very easily depending on the specific model. I have found that the new Bryston SST^2 series are phenomenally powerful and have tons in reserve as well as a non existent noise floor if your AC mains are up to snuff and conditioned properly. They stay out of the way and let the music flow through so transparently and revealingly without sounding clinical like an old Krell.

Ironically, one of the best set ups I heard with either of these speakers was with Parasound Halo gear. The new JC-2 preamp and the JC-1 mono blocks were fabulous and then some. They can be had for about half price right here on Audiogon for about $3,500 or so per pair usually and are true 25W class A too.

I would strongly suggest to stay away from Cary Audio's tube amps. as they are syrupy, sluggish, overly warm, highly colored to sound euphonic intentionally, etc. I know... I worked at Cary in 2004 and heard them all. They would be like having great pancakes with far too much syrup on them. They seriously veil the openness of these speakers especially with the Be midrange too. That makes a gorgeous sounding difference over any other brand or model of speakers that I have ever heard. ARC, Atma-Sphere, or Bryston or Parasound Halo.
I second Tef8568 Parasound JC1's recommendation, I like them better than Krell(older), levinson(335&336), and Musical fidelity that I had in my system.
I think you would be hard pressed to beat a used Plinius amp (SA100MKIII for example). They can be had very inexpensively used and will perform as good or better than anything on the SS marekt.
I have the BE-20's and was using them with the ARC 210's. It sounded good but a bit to bloomy and bass was WAY loose. I now have an ASR Emitter Exclusive II - much better sound overall and bass is much tighter and better defined.
Heard the BE-20s at a demo at the local shop two years ago. The gathering was sponsored by the local audiophile group with representatives from VTL and NuForce. They were driven by all VTL equipment and a VPI TNT turntable during the first half. I believe the cartridge was the Airtight. I thought the combo was amazing even though I was not in the sweet spot. Good punch at the bottom and very solid 3-D soundstage. Lots of details, nothing was exaggerated. After the intermission, I took the sweet spot for the second half of the demo. But the NuForce just pales in comparison. I could not run out of the room fast enough.

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. Over the past couple of months, it's become apparent the Be-10's like SS power. However, I've heard from at least one Be-20 owner that lower powered tube amps, like the new Prima Luna monoblocks, do very well. As we all know, it really comes down to personal tastes. I'll try to hear the speakers with Plinius, McIntosh and Parasound and possibly VTL on the tube side - heard the 450's with Magico V3's and it was very, very nice. Any other comments or suggestions from Be-10 or 20 owners on what electonics they use to good effect with these speakers is appreciated.

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If you're going to CES, the Ushers will be paired with Belles Power Modules amps.
Heard them yesterday with Ushers own 250w poweramp and a VTL preamp. Nice musical combination.