Amplifiers for B&W 804 Nautilus - Need Help

Can you recommend some good-quality amplifiers (used or NEW, integrated or pre/power)for the B&W 804 N? The speakers have a 89db sensitity but I heard it need a decent 80W x2 to drive.

How about a tube amplifier? What's the min. requirement for power output- tube and solid state?

Also, any suggestions for good cables to pair with the 804N to bring out its potential?

Thanks for your help.
Depending on your budget I would look at Pass Labs or Classe. Two great amps that work well with B&W.
Yeap, Pass, Classe, McIntosh are generally liked with B&W.

I own 804S and back 3 years ago I auditioned Classe, McIntosh solid state and McIntosh tubed MC275 and went with it. I just love tubes with the 804S. You do miss some slam, but you gain oh so much. Of course, that was me with my ears!

Cables? I suggest you postpone that one until you get an amp, learn to know it, and only then look for cables that will match the speaker/amp combo well. I got that advice 3 years ago and now I'm about to buy speaker cables!
You have a lot of good options with those speakers. They were in my main system for 7 or 8 years. (I now have 803D's.) I used a Krell KAV 2250 and then a Classe CA 2200. The Classe is smoother and seems more musical to me. Pre is a VTL 5.5. This combo works quite well. Another SS option would be Mcintosh, Mccormack or maybe Musical Fidelity. I have heard the Mcintosh solid state offerings with B&W and like those results.

Have also heard the Audio Research VT 100 with AR LS 16 which was quite good. I would think that Rogue 150 monos's would do well also. The mcintosh MC275 is wonderful amplifier although i've never heard it with the 804's.

One option that I want to try is the Luxman 505u integrated which is 100 wpc. So you might think about that or even one of the other possible interateds that are available such as Mcintosh MA 6600, Musical Fidelity M6, NAD 375bee, Cayin H80, etc.

All cables are Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling Active, but previously I had the Paul Speltz Anti-Cables and they are quite good. Hope I didn't confuse things too much, but I do second Lewinskih01's comment that Classe and Mac work well with B&W. Good luck
Thanks for your suggestions. I forgot to mention that I want to get an amplifier new or used around $1,500 to $2,000 that drive the 804 well. Not sure what the price range of those amps you recommended.
The best amps are Audio Research and Ayre. They deliver accuracy. McIntosh is very pleasant but not accurate.
A tubed preamp and a W4S amp is my suggestion which should be within your budget.
I don't have experience with the 804N, but I do have experience with the current 804 Diamond model, and I suspect there are a lot more similarities than there are differences between the two. If the 804N is anything like the 804 Diamond, a solid state 80w/channel is not going to cut it. I can't speak to what you'd need in a tube amp, but if you go solid state, don't even consider less than 150 w/channel unless it's a really high end piece of equipment. Also, 804's are considered by some to be a bit weak in the bass department so you will be well served by an amp that is notable for its bass reproduction.

I use Musical Fidelity M6PRE/M6PRX separates with my 804 Diamonds with wonderful results. The M6PRX is 260w/channel, a far cry from 80. Classe and McIntosh are also great pairings with the B&W 800 series.
I don´t really have suggestions within that price range. I can tell you about my experience, though: I used to have a Rotel RB-1080 amp connected to CM-4 speakers, and it sounded great. I then upgraded speakers to 804S and the shortcomings of the Rotel became apparent. Don't get me wrong, I think very highly of the RB1080 for the price, but a more revealing speaker made me want to change the amp.

Interestingly enough, the 804S delivered better bass with the 2x75W tubed MC275 than with 2x200W SS Rotel...go figure! One explanation I got was the B&Ws are overdamped (which is why many say they are bass shy) and the 1000 damping factor of the Rotel was too much of a good thing. The tube amp, with it's typical low damping factor, allegedly was evening things out. I don't know if this explains what I heard, but the bass is better. And mids and trebble are just on a different order of magnitude.
R0817 - How big is your room? Is it dedicated to your stereo system? How loud do you listen to music?
I'm using a Hegel integrated amp h-100 with a Hegel cdp2a connected by transparent audio super mm2 wires and the sound is amazing. I've also used the n804 with musical fidelity t-100 hybrid amp with good results