Amps for Virgo : TUBE or SOLID?

Kitty,I'm a believer in tubes for everything;(amp & pre) At the local dealer they use tubes(Jadis) for demoing them.This speaker is a great one.....Don't skimp on whatever amp you get. If you "must" go ss, make sure it's a good one. How much $$ are you allocating for such an amp?
I do slightly prefer tubes, but I found that this speaker worked quite well with solid state as well. Pass labs is a great solid state match. I think overall it was the best amp I used with the virgo's. It's ultra pure amplification complements the virgo's high level of detail and soundstaging. Go with the 100w aleph 2 monoblocks and nordost cabling. They seemed to have just enough power to drive the virgos.
I have used a Classe ca100, Bat VK200 both solid state. Currently I use a BAT VK60 tube amp. Both bat amps are a great match, but the vk-60 a pretty special amp, and a great buy right now...

It also depends on your other equipment and cables. The Virgo's will definintely show you what's upstream...
Does anyone have any comments on the Virgos with the Rowland Concentra, new or old version?
Thx for the helps.
Thinking about Musical Fidelity A3CR Pre/Pro, I heard they have tube sound, will that work?
I amplify my Virgo's with the new Cary V-12 Tube Amplifier and the PSE Tube Preamplifier. I got them about two weeks ago and they are presently breaking in. They really sound nice. I have only had the Virgo's for a month. I just moved to a larger place with a smaller listening room. I replaced a pair of ProAc 3.8 with the Virgo pair. The V-12 is a 50 watt single ended triode amplifier that can be configured as a 100 watt push-pull amplifier with the flick of a couple of switches. This is my first tube setup and I can see why people like tubes. They seem to work well with the Virgos. I would suggest that you give them a listen.
I have owned Virgos for two years and run them with Pass Aleph 2's (single ended, Class A, 200w into 4 ohms). They are out of production but still available used. I have also heard the Virgos with Classe, Krell, VAC and Audio Research, among others and nothing comes close to the Pass Aleph Series amps with the Virgos. I don't know what Immedia (the importer) uses for amplification, but they used to use a Pass Aleph 5 (65w stereo) with Virgos themselves.
For sheer resolution, I am in complete agreement with Arahl. I don't think I've ever heard higher resolution than the pass labs/nordost/virgo combination. I sometimes preferred the 'aliveness' of the arc equipment, and sometimes the clarity of the pass labs. A problem with the pass labs/virgo combination is that it would expose every weakness of a recording. You could actually hear a singer picking up the mike or brushing their hair. Classic combination. My favorite solid state setup. Not everyone's cup of tea though. This amp/speaker combo was a little lightweight compared to pairing the virgos with the mccormack dna1 or the spectral 180.
Symphonic Line is the amp/pre you want. They sound great together. I do not know how easy is to get that brand in US.