Amps for Virgo : TUBE or SOLID?

Does anyone have any comments on the Virgos with the Rowland Concentra, new or old version?
Thx for the helps.
Thinking about Musical Fidelity A3CR Pre/Pro, I heard they have tube sound, will that work?
I amplify my Virgo's with the new Cary V-12 Tube Amplifier and the PSE Tube Preamplifier. I got them about two weeks ago and they are presently breaking in. They really sound nice. I have only had the Virgo's for a month. I just moved to a larger place with a smaller listening room. I replaced a pair of ProAc 3.8 with the Virgo pair. The V-12 is a 50 watt single ended triode amplifier that can be configured as a 100 watt push-pull amplifier with the flick of a couple of switches. This is my first tube setup and I can see why people like tubes. They seem to work well with the Virgos. I would suggest that you give them a listen.
I have owned Virgos for two years and run them with Pass Aleph 2's (single ended, Class A, 200w into 4 ohms). They are out of production but still available used. I have also heard the Virgos with Classe, Krell, VAC and Audio Research, among others and nothing comes close to the Pass Aleph Series amps with the Virgos. I don't know what Immedia (the importer) uses for amplification, but they used to use a Pass Aleph 5 (65w stereo) with Virgos themselves.