Moving again...system finally complete...back to starting over

After one plus year in a brand new condo we have decided to sell and move again. My system was just completed to my satisfaction. Happy with it and will now sell off most of the equipment because I am tired of storing and lugging large heavy boxes. 

My question is...are there any systems (same stack/ Naim??) that present overall very decent sound with smooth highs and decent bass? Something easy to use with quality amplification. 

To give a sense of where I am now: Pass INT-25, Spendor Classic 100's with stands, Luxman dac, Sugden phono pre, Luxman PD171 table. I do not have to go to the same price point that the above represents, in fact I am ready to simply compromise for decent sound from smaller, more manageable components. Room is agnostic for the purpose of the conversation as I think I will be listening slightly  'nearerfield' (3'-6' away). 

Sorry for the length. Help and direction is appreciated. Thank you. 


You lose a ton of money buying new, selling, and rebuying.  If you buy used, you can do that ok.

I personally would move my system to my new home.

Maybe you just enjoy the process of putting the system together, which is not a bad thing.


Thanks Jerry. I purchased existing system used. That may be my best option. Appreciated. 

@carlsbad2 :+1! That's a real nice system the OP has! Shame to sell it because of a move! Hire some movers to pack it under your supervision. Otherwise get a headphone  amp and phones and forget about a nice system! When I moved south in 2015 I spent two weeks sorting and packing gear and LP's and CD's. 

The OP can easily pack his gear into six boxes. Plus a few more boxes for LP’s/CD’s. My move to Florida required 100+ boxes - and I still had to leave stuff behind! The cost from Connecticut was over $3K. 

If you want to save some space the SUGEN A21SE includes a phono preamp. Since you like the Spendor sound the Classic 4/5 or any other LS3/5a type speaker like Harbeth, Falcon, Graham, etc. would fit nice in a smaller space!

Thanks all for the responses. I had an a21se in this system and it ran too hot. Pass is slightly cooler and quieter due to lower gain on the front end. thank you. 

I had the same problem selling my house and loosing my dedicated room..

it takes me 2 years to understand my room and to tune it ...😊 With success..

But fate decide i must sell my big three floors house...

For a one floor one...

I was very sad because my low cost system beat all i ever listen to in my life...

How to build something else with the same impact ?

i decided i will  not go in an acoustically dedicated room again, small speakers on a desk will never be able to recreate 3-D holographic soundstage...

I picked headphones but most headphones of any knind i purchase sound as junk or artificial...

The only possibility were Stax omega system which is too costly... And  a low cost 1978  flagship AKG K340 a complex hybrid which is a very hard to figure out headphone, trust me, i read the4 patent 😊... it takes me 6 months to understand it right but i do it and it beat my speakers/room now...

i will recommend to you a Stax Omega system... There is nothing to figure out here, plug and play... No small speakers on a desk will beat it...And in my experience nearfield listening dont replace acoustic room at all nor top headphone...You can pick up a top HIFIMAN if you want  etc...

I did not recommend my K340 because it is too difficult to optimize to reach optimal S.Q. ... Unless you are someone not afraid to open headphones and do job inside ... The bass of an optimized K340 rival subs and we feel it with our body by skeletal resonance...organ music is fabulous...Because it is an hybrid, the only successful one, i had electrostatic high frequencies feeling.. This headphone has no defects now at all for me...but it is not plug and play at all... Then Hifiman Top or Stax Omega...


I will never go back to acoustically dedicated room, it will easily cost 100,000 bucks by a pro acoustician , and it will cost nothing done homemade but the tuning like piano tuning with resonators take me 1 year almost non stop of listening tunin experiments, it was fun the first time because i learned in the process... But i will never take this job again, because i know how to do it but the fun will be no more there only the SAME long tuning process , then no acoustic room for me even if it was very astonishing at the end...  Few TOP Headphones may  beat all living room, or non dedicated room,  in holography, details, and even  in bass... 


I wish you the best in your new journey...

If you ’finally’ have a system you find quite good, I would move it.

a. pack some yourself

b, TT remove platter, secure tonearm/protect cartridge, fasten dust cover, take it in the car with you.

c. good mover can pack all the rectangular stuff for you.

d. the speakers: perhaps sell them and evaluate new/used ones to be delivered to new address (or local pickup if you get lucky.

Selling your system because it's too much trouble to move it to new quarters is rather like selling your car because the ash tray is full.

Thanks again everyone for your time responding and what you each have to share!


I am fairly young...59...I packed everything myself except the 80 lb Spendor's and my son helped me with those. Everything is boxed and already at a temp controlled, secure self storage unit....all completed yesterday. I am simply fatigued by the transporting and the time it takes to get everything right. Knowing a new room will present challenges and potentially make me want to change things is nudging me to capitulation on a smallish system that is 'god enough'. 

I wouldn't trust a mover to even move the highly secure and well packaged turntable nor the speakers btw. The other items are fairly bullet proof. I am now happy that I did not select the Pass INT-250 as my amp! 

You may consider powered speakers. I own two pairs of powered Dynaudio standmounts and I enjoy them. (I supplement bass with a couple of small subs.)


All the best-

Integrated Amplification: Devialet Expert Pro (size of a large laptop)

Sound quality is excellent. Will drive pretty much any speaker.

Speaker; Thats quite a personal choice, and there are great options that are manageable in terms of weight and move-ability, and that won’t break the bank.

Optional Streamer: Depends on your budget. I finally got a dedicated streamer and its very convenient. The DAC in the Devialet Expert Pro is superb and is superior to the streamer’s DAC, but its nice to have that option to use as a DAC also.

Turntable: As the Expert has a great phonostage, why not? Pick up a gently used Technics SL-xxx. I got a fantastic used SL-5300 for reasonable price that plays beautifully. If you want a killer phonostage for absurdly bargain price, just because, pick up a used Lehmann Black Cube. For $250’ish you can pick up an excellent gently used MM cartridge, such as the Clearaudio Performer V2. It makes music.

Power: Not one for power conditioners (I’ve been through 4). This fifth one though is the real deal, and for me, has really transformed the performance of the HiFi: Older generation PS Audio Powerplant Premier. Make sure you get one thats recently rebuilt / serviced, because after a decade of use some parts do give out.

I won’t get into interconnects because that’s a personal preference thing. But if you can spring for older non-knock-off Nordost SPM Reference (speaker and interconnect) the SPM is superb and VERY musically satisfying.



Looks like a lot of support here for you to keep your system! I too share that sentiment. And those Spendors are outstanding. But must say, I just got a pair of Classic 4/5’s for my 10x14 space…and they’re pretty glorious! If it’s down to a smaller space, sealed units with fast articulate and less obtrusive bass paired with the adjustability of a sub (fast one like a Rel) works very, very well. 

I would recommend looking at the Luxman Neo Classic amp table and cd player

small but quality sound

Good luck Willy-T

Wow, these are all very interesting suggestions for a replacement rig! I will research the Devialet and Luxman possibilities. 

I once owned a Hegl integrated that I absolutely loved until the internal dac's circuit chip quit on me. The Hegel service options were tough so I now shy away from anything with a built-in dac but will take a serious look at the Devialet Expert.

Also, the Spendor Classic 4/5's will be on my very short list if the room I am handed is smallish. Any opinions on how the low level listening might be with the 4/5's (lower sensitivity) paired with the Pass which is only 25 class a watts?


Thanks again!!

This would be one reason for staying in the place I am in.  Moving is one thing.  Moving to a place and then having to find a decent listening room would be another.

A good reason to buy efficient speakers is it reduces the amp's price/size/weight and increases placement options

AND, it is much easier to try tubes due to those factors.

If I was gonna , had to move and I really loved my system and the years of saving and putting it finally together and had no complaints about it it would be a no brainer for me to move it and keep it. I know the blood sweat and tears that went into building it. Good luck whatever ya do. 

How about getting some help from this community?  I suspect any number of us would be delighted to help you move and set up the system.  What an opportunity, in fact!  Where do you live?

I’m in Hingham MA on the south shore of Boston. I’m fine with the strength to move everything. I also have a 20 yo son who is always ready to help when he is home from college. It’s just the size of boxes, storing them later, new room. You all have been great trying to help me out thinking this through. I think I will keep it and see where we land and what the new layout will be. Will update for those interested. Thank you all!!


Hi Blackhawkskid6,

Audio Science Review have a ‘review’ on an older Devialet model. Pay no mind to it. The Devialet is sensational as an amp, and in fact has a very good DAC too. I hope you get a chance to demo it in a decent system.


IOW, you will move, know where, but have not yet chosen which house/condo to buy? Thus unsure of size/shape of listening room?

I would make the listening room the 1st priority!!!! then on course everything else, especially what the wifey wants!

have you considered your current system may sound even better in your new home

Actually, no....because I am expecting a smaller listening space and the Spendor's are pretty large. 

I am getting the impression I should give it a whirl.

Thank you for the optimism!

I moved from New Jersey to Arizona....took my mover....all is well.

@blackhawkskid6 I’ve trimmed down my system and know what you mean about storing boxes etc. I’m in a townhouse so space is limited, and I also have neighbors which eliminates big floor standers and subs. I have the Dynaudio Heritage Specials which I consider my forever speakers, paired with a Supernait 2 and WiiM Mini. That’s it, very simple and compact. The two components take up very little space, the Mini especially, and the bookshelves, while big, don’t have much of a footprint. My listening position is maybe 9ft from the speakers and the SN2 will comfortably belt out peaks in the mid 90db range with my 85db speakers. I’m really happy with the sound and love the minimalist look. Look for a smaller integrated and pair with a wiim mini or pro and a good pair of bookshelf speakers. Or go for an all in one like the Naim Nova, NAD m33 or Yamaha R-N2000A

Thank you perk. This is interesting. How is the lower volume listening with your setup? Also is the bass output generally dependent on the quality of the recording or does the synergy of the naim and the Heritage speakers add something? thanks