Analog at '03 V.S.A.C.

Hi. Analog will be alive and well this year at the upcoming VSAC audio show.

I just got this message over the Teres forum. Teres tables will be well represented there.

(From Chris at Teres)
"I will bringing a 340, 265 and 255. The 340 will be in room 352 (Teres/Bolder Cable).
The 265 will be in the 2nd floor anchor room (Welborn Labs/Teres).
The 255 will be in room 256 (Edgarhorn).
In addition Terry Cain will have his 245 in room 356.
I look forward to seeing some of you there!"

BTW, Chris had a photo of his latest home system, I could see his new Edgarhorns, his own 340 table with a Shroder arm, and a Hagerman Trumpet phono stage. I couldn't tell what preamp and monoblock amps he had.

Here's a link to the photo of his system.
Will be nice to see the 340 in person. The amps and preamp are ones he built himself, IIRC. (SET 845 amps I think). Edgarhorns sound so good... just wish they were a little better looking... >:/

VSAC: just a few days left to go!