Analysis Audio planar owners ?

I am trying to find out from owners of Analysis Audio planar speakers if they have any problems and if so how did you manage to obtain service.
I am in contact with the US rep who assures me that service for Analysis products manufactured in Greece in not a problem what so ever here in the US.
Several Agon members have stated that they did not buy these speakers solely because of service and the fact that theses speakers are manufactured in Greece.
Thank you in advance.
I have Apogees, but the Apogee user's group occasionally discusses the Analysis speakers.
Analysis Audio has upgraded a few years ago a problematic rubber support system on their bass ribbons to be much more reliable and not to degrade as on some older models, and they now have dealer and repair support in the USA, so that should not be a problem.
Until the dealer support network was established in the US, the speakers had to be shipped back to Greece at great expense and the older rubber surrounds degraded after a few years. This is probably the source of these comments, but no longer apply to the current line of speakers.
Cjfrbw has probably nailed the primary source of these comments.
BTW, I happened to be present (actually, having a fortifying drink) while s/one changed surrounds on an old pair of Analysis s/things (very big).
It didn't seem like a particularly complex job... i.e. s/thing a user could do (I don;t mean to discredit the importer's services -- just saying it seemed like a relatively straightforward job).