Ankits and World Audio Design Kits?

Does anyone have familiarity or experience building amps from these two companies? Looking for opinions and feedback on overall quality of the circuits and output iron. A forum search hasn't provided much info
the Audionote kits are some of the best in the world, from my experience. They hold their value very well too. they are based off their regular line up and the level numbers are similar for sound quality comparisons. You get Audionote sound in a less expensive kit form. 

I've not had experience with world audio designs though first I've heard of them. 
I have purchased 2 AudioNote Kits, and have had them professionally built by their sanctioned builder Pete Fulton, who is fanatically neat. Both Kits were beyond what I expected. The one was an 8 watt 300b integrated, and the other was the 2.1 DAC which I am still using and it sounds fantastic. I regretfully sold the amp only because I needed the money to buy something else, and it sold on the same day that it was listed! They have great support too.   
yep audio note kits are well known, well established... end products are simply lovely sounding
World Audio Design is NOT Audio Note! They are a British company tied to the magazine Hi Fi World. Their kits are all tube-based and have been around since the early 90's. Very competent, well-engineered designs! Check out back issues of Hi Fi World! I used to buy it at Tower before they closed!