Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question

I am still using my Sony 5 disc carousel CD player that I bought in 1992.  I have loved this thing for years and years.  Recently it started skipping.  I cured that with some budget isolation feet from Amazon.  After about a year it’s starting to act up again, not being able to register that a CD is in the tray.  Turning it off and on fixed that but even without the recent problem I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while now. 

I have around maybe 25 hybrid SACD’s and have always wanted to try the format.  The only SACD player I can afford new is the Arcam CDS50.  I’ve also looked at a used Marantz 8005 SACD player and various used Sony’s.  On the other hand I’m thinking of just forgetting about SACD and I’m primarily looking at the Cambridge transport and the Audiolab 600cdt.  I would consider the new Audiolab CDT models as well.   Part of me wants to scratch my SACD itch.  I think the Marantz used is the best option.  It’s a recent model so likely still a lot of life left in it.  Looking at gut shots it seems much better built than the Arcam.  Am I wrong about that?  As far as the Cd transport option It seems that the Audiolab is the best bang for the buck with the only downside being the slot loading mechanism that scratches some people’s discs.

I’m having a hard time deciding which avenue to take.  I guess, like most people, I’m looking for the most bang for the buck.  Sorry for the rambling post.  I thought maybe it would instigate some suggestions to help me with my decision.  Thanks


Also have the Audiolab 6000CDT along with the KEF LS50 Wireless V2 in my final "compact" system. Will be moving to a smaller place and all previous gear will be for sale including a Luxman D06u SACD CDP, Pass Labs amp, Conrad Johnson pre, Joseph Audio, REL and Shunyata Research wire. Will be listed in a couple of weeks at very reasonable prices. Please PM if interested. Best. Gordon

 I didn't see your budget mentioned

I have ~ 30 SACDs. I bought a Oppo 105 maybe 10 years ago specifically for them. I also had a Pioneer PD 65 for redbook, but it died. I replaced it with a Marantz HD CD-1, which also eventually died but before it did it sounded better than the 105 for which I replaced the crappy OEM power supply and power inlet with an aftermarket from E-Bay, which was a big improvement, but still the 105 didn't sound much better playing SACDs then the Marantz playing them in DSD. My transport of the last 2.5 years is a Audiolab CDT 6000 it plays the DSD layer of SACDs quite well, but I have my eye on the new Shanling SCD 1.3 SACD transport that also plays CDs $1279!


I have not heard it mentioned but I assume this player/transport  will not process SACD surround recordings?

I have not heard it mentioned but I assume this player/transport  will not process SACD surround recordings?