annoying speaker rattle or resonance with--Milk Carton Kids CD?

Getting a pretty pronounced rattle with the Milk Carton Kids, Ash and Clay.

Paradigm Prestige  2.5 way tower speakers, older Yamaha integrated, maranta CD player.

Folk music can have a little different sound from rock or classical, so I've played a few other CDs, Kate Wolf, Bill Morrissey that are a bit similar in the timbre of the human voice. Morrissey's stuff has a more extensive rhythm section. 

Puzzled, because usually if a speaker rattles on me it is on a bass heavy passage.  E.G, Moody Blues, intro to Tuesday Afternoon...

But something about this particular CD does not agree with this system. 

We have a secondary system in the bedroom, nothing special.  Entry level Yamaha CD player, Marantz receiver, Wharfedale speakers. Same CD Plays fine on that. 

If this offers any hint as to what is happening, it is not exactly a rattle that I can track to one specific driver.  More of an unwanted and excessive resonance, even at low volumes. 

Trying to replicate with other CDs. Might try a Simon and Garfunkel live CD.

Any helpful inout appreciated. if it is, "Don't listen to that CD," I'll take it under advisement. :)



Sounds like a bad recording that’s more apparent on one system than another. Likely from too much input gain while being recorded and oversaturating the recording media.  I've ran across a few recordings like that before.  Just my guess...

That CD, that CD Player ONLY:

Some CD Players are more sensitive than others. Unable to read, failure to focus/find a SACD layer, sensitivity to minor damage.

I might use a CD lens cleaner just to rule that out, and inspect the CD under good light.

You might try burning a copy, perhaps your computer CD drive(s) will play it, copy it to a CD without hidden damage.

i.e. get lucky finding the problem's source.

Make sure it is the speaker n not something in the room

Test both speakers by swapping l and r see if rattle follows

Thanks for responses.  Some logical thoughts here.


I ran a CD lens cleaner. Not a lot of difference, maybe a little improvement. 

The Marantz (6004)  will sometimes struggle to read CDs if they are not pristine.

Doesn't happen very often at all, but more often than with a Sony (non-ES), first gen-Denon from 1980s, and a Luxman I previously had.

But it usually skips/skitters if that is the case. It is playing this one flawlessly as far as going through the tracks with no skipping.  The sound quality is just poor. 

The first post re too much input gain during recording is starting to make sense. 

Inspecting the speakers, I removed the grills, which hold in place with magnets, and found one magnet had worked loose and attached itself to the tweeter on the right channel speaker.  Thought that might be a culprit but did not seem to make much difference. 

I may sell the CD or take it to work, try vinyl if I really miss it. My vinyl playback is the heart of my system, a VPI Classic, Sumiko Blackbird LO MC  run through a Parasound JC 3 pre.  The old Yamaha integrated (run through line to the JC3)  punches above its weight and I've had it 35 years or so.  The Marantz is good about some things. I've never had to have it serviced, and some CDs sound quite good on it.  I listen to vinyl most of the time. 

All that said, I do have some investment in CDs, and want to make sure this is limited to one recording, not something in the CD player or speakers.