Anticables Level 5 speaker cables

Anyone tried these and compared them with other silver cables whether occ silver, mono crystal or otherwise?

I emailed the owner trying to get more info, he had mentioned that it’s a thin coating of Teflon as the dielectric and he (no surprises here) thinks it superior to occ Silver.

It’s a ‘proprietary’ alloy, but not sure on much beyond that.

Anyway, read a pretty glowing review from Mono & Stereo about them and that was one of those hidden glowing reviews. 

I currently have an anti cables loom in a second system and have really enjoyed it with the 3.1 speaker, 5.2 rca, and 3 power cord. Giving these cables more time to break in, they went from being too forward and edgy to settling in further, probably the best clarity I’ve ever heard - making a lot of other cables I’ve listened to seem almost smeared a bit.



I am using Level 6 speaker cables and these are a significant improvement over my previous Level 5s. Do keep in mind that Paul/Anticables recommended using the Level 5s for the high/mids cable on a bi-wired speaker. The Level 6s are truly a full-range speaker cable - can track individual performances if you want to focus on a specific instrument/voice.