Review: Alon Model V mkII Speaker

Category: Speakers

I listen to mostly jazz and some classical music. I like to use Diana Krall, Patricia Barber and Howard Alden for testing purposes. I prefer a smooth and rich (tubey) sound. I dislike a system that is overly clinical and sterile.

I have had the Alons in my system for over a year now. They replaced an original pair of Definitive Technology BP-10. Immediately, I noticed that my system's clarity, smoothness and detail improved. The treble is grain-free smooth and detailed. The bass is deep and generous with a very natural sounding quality. The midrange on the Alons is almost magical, since it benefits from the AlniCo driver and has an open baffle design. In fact, I found it closer to the midrange sound of the Martin Logan's than any other regular driver speakers I have auditioned. However, unlike the smaller Martin Logans, the Alons have a large sweet spot, which makes them great for home theater applications.

The overall strengths of the Alons: huge soundstage; large sweet spot; smooth clear neutral midrange and treble; great bass; and, plenty of detail. As indicated in the owner's manual, the Alons are designed to be and should be tri-wired for best sound, at the very least bi-wired.

In summary, I am quite satisfied with the sound of the Alons, which do double duty in my home theatre system as front left and right mains. If money was no object, I would probably keep my Alon V MkII for home theatre use and create a secondary audio only system. For this system, I would stay within the Alon product line and go for the Circes.

Associated gear
Classe 10 amplifier; Melos SHA-Gold preamp;

Similar products
B&W; Martin Logan; ProAc;
I have had these speakers for a few years now. I originally was set to purchase B&W 801's, having auditioned them several times. Another party was listening to the Alons when I arrived at the retailer- I left with the Alons and have been pleased ever since. I use a Cary slp 88 preamp and an old pair of bridged simaudio 3050 power amps. Now I admit that age and abuse have taken their toll on the hearing, but to my ear I don't think I could do much better.
update to 2005 post. I now have a pair of cary V12 power amplifiers hooked to the cary preamp. Also have a Simaudio W-5 solid state with a Linn preamp. Still playing through the Alons. Still happy
Nice, very nice.  I enjoyed mine for many years.  Have them up for sale on Craigslist now.  Moved on to Vandersteen Model 5s since I got them cheap, cheap meaning they needed some work but I do the work myself so it was a non issue for me.  Enjoy them especially with the music you listen to.  There may be nothing better.  I will be meeting with Nola in a few months as I am working on doing some business with them hopefully at some shows coming up.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Happy Listening.
I have one grill for Alon V MKII speakers that I no longer need and want to sell if anyone is interested. Contact me.
I have a complete Alon surround system for the television room. The mains woofer papers deteriorated to the point of failure. I called NOLA. They sold me new woofers and updated crossovers to match up with the replacement speakers.
Now this was a good ten years ago so who knows where things stand in today’s world.