Any Allnic users out there? Hum problem.

I brought this up previously but was not very specific.

I bought an H3000 phono stage which I liked very much and was perfectly silent. I then bought an HA Head Amp which had a slight hum. Shortly after I got it one of the transistors blew(I believe,) it went dead and I had to return it to Korea for repair.

Since I've gotten it back the hum is worse. When I play a record the sound covers the hum but when it stops the hum can be heard and felt from the speakers where I am sitting about 8 feet away. I asked the maker about this and he told me he sent it back to me in perfect condition so that's a dead end.

Is a hum to be expected? Do you live with it? Is it a grounding problem? I asked the maker about this as well and he did not respond to the query.

I would greatly appreciate any advice from Allnic users and especially those with the HA3000. Do you get a hum? Is it noticeable when an lp isn't playing? Any grounding suggestions?

My amp is a VTL S200 with an Ayre pre K5 xe mp.

VTL super scoutmaster with 3D tonearm.

Conditioner is an Isotek Sigma.

As I said everything is perfectly quiet until I turn on the HA.

I want to fix this because I like the Allnic sound enormously and don't want to be without the HA. It really is wonderful.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have on my situation.

I have the H3000, but not the head amp. No hum, I had some tube squeal that was solved by replacing the tubes-supplied by Allnic through then distributor David Beetles. If you are in the States, Albert Porter is now the importer. I know one guy-- Carl-- who posts on What’s Best Forum (not sure he posts here) who uses the phono stage with the head amp. Christian, aka Rockitman (who does post here) has the head amp, I think, but uses the bigger DHT phono section from Allnic.
If you bought it used, you may simply be having some translation difficulties with Allnic. Mr. Park has been pretty accommodating to me.
I’m speculating it is the head amp, right? You don’t get the hum if you go in without it?

Yes it's just the head amp. Mr Park is a talented man and I think his work is excellent I just wish I could get the hum to be not so distracting when the music stops. I wonder if this is a characteristic of the component? I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

I bought the silent as a mouse H3000 through David Beetles and got excellent service from him.

Albert Porter
Post over on WBF and call out for Carl- his handle over there is "cjfrbw" (Perhaps he posts here too).
Christian/Rockitman, who I'm pretty sure has the head amp.

I am using H3000 but again, not HA. It sounds like a ground loop issue between the two stages but Mr Park I am sure would have allowed for this in the circuitry, perhaps using a diode.

H3000 is a really wonderful amplifier, and very quiet..

Same here, I have had the H3000 for several years without the head amp and have encountered no problems.  It is dead quite and has been very reliable.

It sure sounds like a ground loop issue.  That can be tough to find and cure.  Good Luck.

I have long wondered about the philosophy behind marketing the HA3000 as an add-on to the H3000.  The latter unit is revered for its very high quality built-in amorphous core SUTs that also offer quite a bit of adjustability.   Why create the idea that a "head amplifier" is a viable alternative to using those SUTs?  Anyway, it is odd that the OP has a hum problem. I would consult the US or Canadian importer(s).  They're both very good and responsible.

Well I communicated with someone who has the HA. He told me the hum issue for him existed as well which he found so distracting he no longer uses it.

This is disheartening news indeed.

Vindanpar, I don't think that you should conclude the situation is hopeless.  Are the two units plugged into the same electrical output or into different outlets?  Make sure they are plugged into the same outlet.  Also, try using a cheater plug to remove the HA3000 from AC ground, if the H3000 is correctly grounded itself using a 3-prong plug.  The HA3000 will still see AC ground but only via the IC that goes to the H3000, and this is safe.  Finally, try flipping the polarity of the cheater plug. All of these tricks will affect ground loops, if that is the problem.

If the tonearm is grounded to either unit, try grounding it to both and then try un-grounding it entirely from either unit.  Same goes for the turntable.

Somewhere, somehow, there is a specific combination of grounding and un-grounding that will be the cure.  But I say this on the assumption that you are hearing typical hum that arises from grounding problems, not white noise or hash or buzz, and that the problem is audible in both channels.
What cartridge are you using? As said above, the issue is unlikely the H3000, it is the head amp causing the hum. I fought hum with my HA3000 when I used low output carts. My experience was that if the cart output was under .3 to .35mv, there would be hum. When using a cart with .5mv, it was fairly quiet but never dead quiet. 

Tried two different HA3000's and same results.

Hi vetterone, glad to ''see'' you back. Whie hum is considered to

be a kind of enigma I was confronted with this problem only

twice: with Glanz MFG 61 and Allaerts MC 2 ''gold finish''.

My enigma is ''why my Lord ?'' with my  best ever MM as well

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hell my two best carts have hum problem? I would be much less

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Greetings Nandric. I am sad to read about your cartridge hum problem. Bummer. Do you have any other Glanz MFG carts? My MFG61(and all other Glanz carts) and Allaerts Formula 1 have no hum issues with any of my phonostages. I have experienced that dreaded sound with a couple of my other vintage carts, all uber low output when I used the H3000 or NVO phono amps. I'm sure you have tried all normal remedies so I will not waste your time with that.
Bonne chance.
I use an H3000 with an HA3000 and don't have any of the hum issues that you describe.  I use the setup with both a DV XX-2 MkII and Kiseki Purpleheart.  You may want to make sure that the tubes are seated properly as they can become dislodged during shipping.

Thank you.

I was talking to another individual and he said he had no hum issue as well.

How do you like the HA added to the H?

I really enjoy the HA with the H.  As you said, the sound stage is really enormous and holographic.

Oh, I thought of another thing:  When I plugged my network streamer in the system, the wireless router did cause some noise to come through the phono stage.  Once I removed that, the noise went away right away.
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