Any benefits playing SACD's on Standard CD Player?

With my recent purchase and assessment of a Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplifier, I am finding that the addition of this new component can yield some drastic differences in the presentation of my selected music.

On more recently recorded CD's, the sound is full and detailed with an amazing soundstage. I am blown away by what I am hearing.


On some of my Classic Rock CD's, which were recorded some 30 years ago, I am finding the Krell's presentation to be lean...lacking emphasis on the lower frequencies (and bass). IE...Aerosmith, Grateful Dead.

With my Marantz CD-17 (standard player), would I notice any benefit in purchasing some of these older recorded CD's on SACD Format?
You can't play sacd on a standard cd player. You need to get a sacd player or a universal player that can play sacd.
The CD layer on a hybrid sacd (cd and sacd) purportedly benefits from the DSD process and sounds better than a standard cd version. Can't say I've done a direct comparison but Sony/Philips claim it is true.

As to whether this helps your issue with lean low end, well, that's another story. "Sounds better" might not necessarily mean fuller low end. Perhaps you need to let the Krell break in a bit.

No advantage. You can only play the CD layer of the hybrid SACDs and those are, well, CDs.

Technically not. HOWEVER, many Hybrid SACD releases are Remastered. And, the new Redbook layer could be better for sure.
I agree with Pawlowski6132. Many of the SACDs that I have of older works have been remastered and this seems to help the cd layer as well. Of course, they probably also remastered the redbook only version. So, I might look for new remastered cds of your old thin sounding favorite cds and try a few. I'm not sure that there is much point in buying hybrid SACDs if you are not giong to use the SACD medium.
I have noticed along with my wife and daughter that the redbook layer on the hybrid disc sounds better more full in their words than the redbook only disc. This at least has been the case on the discs where I have both discs. I can not say that it would be true in all circumstances.

More full? If it has been remastered it's probably louder than the original release, and this could give a better impression in a comparison if the levels are not matched.

I would not buy a SACD for the Redbook layer.

Nope, not just louder but more dynamic better resolution more micro detail. Besides it is only an observation and what difference does it make if it is a hybrid disc and contains a redbook layer it will play on any player.


You misunderstood me when I said: "I would not buy a SACD for the Redbook layer".

I have over 900 SACDs, and I did not buy them for the Redbook layer. In fact, I can't recall every listening to the Redbook layer on any SACD I own.

Can you tell me which SACD you are referring to?


Sorry for the misunderstanding yeah I probably wouldn't either. I believe one is a Rachel Podger disc and the other escapes me. It was a simple observation that all of us seemed to hear.

No worries, Chuck. I did not mean to offend. The only Rachel Podger I have is "La Stravaganza - 12 Vivaldi violin concertos" on Channel Classics. I don't have the normal CD of this one.

A DSD remaster such as 'Let it Bleed', originally released on SACD, is available as redbook only CD and sounds much better than earlier issues. It's no match for the actual sacd in air, etc but very good in bass weight and texture.

The krell 400xi is extremely neutral and extended. If you want to fill out the bottom a bit on older recordings, I recommend leaving the krell and speakers alone (keep that bandwidth!), and consider upgrading to a better (possibly tubed) digital source, especially one with user selectable treble filters. Choosing one with a steep slope roll-off may enable you to goose the volume on the 400xi when listening to the leaner recordings in order to fill out the bottom without becoming to bright in the process.