Any dual mono phono stage or pre using 6DJ8 tubes?

Is there any dual mono phono stage or pre-amp with a phono stage using 6DJ8 tubes? It must be able to handle low voltage mc cartridges of .3mv
The Aesthetix Io uses two 6DJ8's among a host of other tubes, including 6SN7, 12AX7's and EL34's.

The Io is fine with .1 MV cartridges, I've owned that combo. It should be better with .3 MV.
Thanks Al. I wish I could afford it. I try to keep each component below $2500 and was really trying to stay below $1200 since I have $1500 into my Sota Star Sapphire w/vacuum and my RB-600.

But, to tell you the truth, if I was able to put all my extra $1500 pieces up for sale I would be able to do it. Maybe I'll pay someone to move them out of storage and photo them for the Gon. For now, I'm just laid-up from a bad car accident.
I wish you a full and speedy recovery from the car accident, health trumps high end audio components any day of the week.
Thanks Al. Who do you recommend I speak to for Sota Star Sapphire (vacuum) arm and cartridge selection?
I've owned a lot of tables but not the Sota. Unless there is something about the Sota that's unusual, there are dozens of arms and cartridge combinations that would work.

Do you already have an arm and need a cartridge, or need both?
The SA-2 is really a head amp. The SA-9 is a true phono pre but difficult to find and more money than Imin wants to spend.
I owned the SA9 and SA 11 for many years.

They were my "absolute" reference phono and line stage until the Aesthetix Io and Callisto came along (about 1998).

Remember, the SA9 was designed about 1982-1983 and was produced in 1984 and beyond. Crazy good for that time.

I'll bet if Mike at Aria rebuilt one and got it to max performance it would run with some of the best offerings of today.
Rogue Audio "66" and "99". Maybe some of their newer stuff too. In your price range new/used.