Any information/experience with Olive ONE

I saw the ad for this in the A-gon classifieds as I was updating my virtual system. IF this gizmo is as good as the maker claims it to be, at the price, it may free up my laptop for better uses. A cursory google search shows no reviews or independent feedback re user interface and audio quality.
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Then the classified ad under media servers is certainly misleading. 2 days remaining in an auction for an item not yet existent?
Thanks Mofimadness. I went ahead and plucked down my $ to the startup. I'm not an early adopter for the most part. The Olive ONE looks, however, like the 2013 version of a Squeezebox Touch, which I have and very much like for the money, but sadly has been discontinued.
I've been very interested in the new Olive 4,5 & 6 shown on their website. After about 3 months the order button is still labeled "pre-order". I called Olive today & was told the company is in "transition" & the products are not available yet but will be "sometime in the third quarter". These new servers look like wonderful products but something seems odd here.
Is anyone familiar with this business model or have specific knowledge regarding the current state of Olive?
"The Olive ONE looks, however, like the 2013 version of a Squeezebox Touch"

They have been mysterious about how it works. It may well work like the Squeezebox products, using a remote library on your computer for indexing and playing your own music and through a remote site (like for internet streaming services. Then again, it may be more like Sonos or Bluesound, which index your music in your devices, and so limit the size of your library. The closest theng to Squeezebox is VOCO. The real problem with all the alternatives save Sonos is the dearth of internet services available, and Sonos has it's own issues.

Olive has been very secretive about the technical details of the One. I'll be keeping an eye on it until they give us more info, but until then my Squeezebox isn't going anywhere.
I am beginning to wonder if they will never deliver. They have basically gone black for months now. Moreover, their Facebook page made some vague reference to delivering the first backer units, but no photos, announcements or anything. And someone asked to see a photo and got no response. Purchasing through sites like Indiegogo or kickstarted provide no relief if the company never delivers. In this case Olive is holding a good bit of many people's money... I got nervous and held off paying for one when they kept switching specs and varying the "deals". Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I'll restart the discussion. At the SF Audio show they were demoing the Olive One. I was pretty impressed. The interface was very nice, much better than the Squeezebox. It has a built in amplifier, which I wouldn't need. The antenna didn't appeal to me either. The digital out did! The $499 model with 1TB, got the thumbs up. Maybe the biggest plus for me is that it is family friendly. I can't replace the SBT with a black box. The wife and kids need access too! I'm seriously considering one, especially at the price.
I have been using one since last two months. 1TB hard drive. Digital out to PS Audio Link Dac III. Replaced a Vecteur CD 2 dedicated transport. I may be missing 5% of slam of Vecteur, but then not entirely sure. Musically equally engaging if not better compare to Vecteur. I think the mids and highs are definitely better thru Olive.
Yeah, I dont recommend anything from this company. I have one of their early products, the Musica. I was only sporadically able to get the web interface to work from my computer. They suddenly stopped paying the internet radio service maybe two years later so, I lost that functionality. They also stopped supporting IMDB so any music after 2006 or so has to be tagged manually. And their user support is a joke. Steer very clear. 
I wouldn't buy anything associated with a little research...service/support is reportedly deplorable...many left with very expensive paperweights.