Any JBL 4367 owners or opinion?

If you own a pair of JBL 4367 what do you think of them and what did you own before?

What do you feel you gained or lost over your prior speakers?

I have been intrigued by horn speakers lately. I demoed a few speakers from another brand but they did not do it for me. I am very particular about a flat frequency response and the measurements seem very good on the 4367 but I also might just not be a horn guy, not sure yet.

A lot of the older comments on this forum seem to be scrubbed regarding the JBL 4367.
Maybe everyone is enjoying their 4367s so they have no need to read forums anymore lol. 
I personally like JBL a lot, but many on this forum are against JBL. Some say they are too bright or fatiguing. Maybe they are just very sad that they sold theirs and moved to something else? I would say listen to them for awhile, quite awhile, then go listen to something else in their price range. I would be willing to bet that you will come back to your 4367's! For me, the lower number of drivers you have the more coherent the sound.
Bang on ! IF you love em, go for it. Everyone should own JBL at some point in the audio and musical journey. I had some L-110 back in the day. JBL seem to be on revitalize part of the wave…my best to them and the OP
If it means anything, Charlie, owner US Tube Audio, played the 4367s
for us a couple years back in his Scottsdale showroom. 

He also had some Revel floor standers. 

After we said we liked them, $9,000/pair if memory serves,
he admitted he used them at home in his system.

I like horns and have owned Altec Maestros before
I went over to Tannoy FSM dual concentric 15"s

I sold the Altec when I bought the Tannoys. Now I wish I still
had them. Some things the horns just do better.  Acoustic guitar
being one.

Detail and depth of image are the advantage I hear with JBL horns. A pair of 4333's in my main system. Would love to hear a pair of 4367's.
Yes I think the 4367 looks very interesting. The coaxial mid/tweet horn design catches my attention for sure.  
That is a pretty open-ended question, and I hate to muse too much. It is really a hybrid between a horn section that is dumbed down to match a large woofer. That woofer is aided by limiting its LF extension, so it too keeps the soundwave from falling to the sides. I have the strong opinion that it requires a large power amplifier to work correctly. It sounds great with what I think is a NOS 532H I got for 40% of retail. A lower power amp will make the speaker sound more forward than it should. Because of its LF restriction, subs will be needed to complete a lot of people's objectives. Mid and HF distortion from lower quality cables and electronics will sound very bad. 

The sound obviously can be quite large and dramatic, but it has the ability of close range listening in smaller rooms. It is really articulate with separation of sounds and strong projection of percussion. It is opposite in that sense of congealed, soft, rounded attack speakers like SF and Vandersteen. They are more like their Salon cousins or the Avantgarde Zero, although a touch softer than both. Audiokinesis would another good alternative. 

I am still working on my room acoustics, so I still certainly do not know everything about them. I have not come across any oddities of off axis frequency distribution, but it is possible my room is masking it.  
They are amazing speakers with combination of scale, openness and low distortion. At their price point they offer a compelling combination. 

thanks for the input. I own and would be using two 12” subs highpassed to the 4367s. I currently use a MC462 that is 450 watts into 4 ohms.

I see some comments about people not like Mac with JBL but I see a lot of picture with Mac and JBL…. I am sure I will like it fine as I like Mac and a flat sound. Anyway I would run what ever amp is needed.

My room is a dedicated 26x27x7.5” basement. The entire ceiling is treated (took for ever) and the room is carpeted with moderate furniture. So placement is very flexible.
It seems to me like you have a great starting gear to support their use, although I no personal experience with your amplifier. I used wood furniture dollies, which provide a decent height and ability to experiment with placement, until I bought a pair of sound anchors. I purchased the 532H on the idea of a safe bet when I was disappointed in moderate output tube amp and a 150watt SS amp. It has worked very well (even with a seemingly odd preamp combo), so I was able to move on to improving other parts of the system. Best of luck and let me know if I may be able answer questions based on my experience with them.