Any jumper suggestions for a VSA VR-4?

Has anyone tried using a jumper for your VR-4's, instead of biwiring?

I have ordered a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen III SE's, and would like some suggestions of what to use for a jumper between the bass and midrange/tweeter cabinets.

Any thoughts or recommendations, either for or against using a jumper rather than biwire, will be appreciated.
Congratulations. Rumor has it these are phenominal speakers. Although perhaps not the prettiest.

I would enthusiastically recommend Audience Au24 speaker cables for starter with 30 inch jumpers.

I'm becoming more convinced that bi-wiring is speaker cable dependent. The better the cable, the less effective bi-wiring becomes.

Bi-wiring is also a listener preference. If you do hear the affects of bi-wiring, sometimes it's not for the better.

Audience has a white paper of sorts on where one author says bi-wiring is actually bad even though at first it sounds better. It was interesting but I'm not quite convinced that is true.

I've owned the VR4 III HSE for 5 mos. or so. They worked extremely well with Acoustic Zen's Satori speaker cables in a shotgun biwire configuration (great cables btw!). That means there are two individual runs of cable, both terminated with a single spade for the amp end, but with multiple spades on the speaker end, thus the distance between modules is no problem.

I will be trying Stehno's recommendation (see above) with the AU24 speakers cables and a 1m pair of AU24 jumpers.

I also will be trying a Spectron Musician II amp with these speakers, but I haven't figured out how to use the Spectron "remote sensing" speaker cables with the VR-4s yet. I would assume to use a jumper between modules in this case as well.

Hope this helps...
I have the VR4 Gen III's & use Luminous Audio Renaissance in a true bi-wire configuration but if I didn't want to go bi-wire, I would have just had a 3' jumper made.

Whichever speaker cable you go with, just have them make you a 3' jumper.

I would also suggest changing the stock spikes for better ones & using spacers between the modules. I'm using Herbie's Footers but Vibrapods work well, as do other products.
I'll second Driver's comments: jumpers need to be long, in the 1m range. Also, I have Vibrapods as spacers between modules: 2 #5 and 2 #3 seem to work pretty well.

Driver: what are you using for spikes? Need to get some.
For an inexpensive solution, and to see if you like jumpers, I would recommend the Mapleshade ribbon jumpers.
1markr, I'm using Soler Points from Ed Soler out of Peoria, IL. His A-gon name is Esoler & if you do a search he'll be easy to find. Very well made product & looks great.