Any Mojo Audio Power cable owners ?

Just wondering about these,I'm in the mood to upgrade mabe a cable for preamp and amp.Alternative is to go with my first mind and get an Ps audio AC12. Any thoughts are welcomed.
Hi,I believe you can try and return if they dont match your system.They do lots of good things.
I read a couple of the reviews on the site but cant seem to find much other than that. How do they stack up against the competion on there sound?

I have no idea about the their power cables, but an hour ago I installed their digital cable with magnet upgrade. Total cost was $200 for 1m.

It has been the most signifcant system upgrade I have ever done. Certainly better than any other cable upgrade, whether it be power, speaker, coaxial or IC.

Mojo Audio claim this digital cable competes with those at 2k price range. They are not joking. Compared to my other digital cables, they have smashed this one out of the park.

Mojo Audio's speciality seems to be power cables. If their power cords are at the same level as this digital cable, then they know what they are doing.
Have mojo,8awg, is the darkest and slowest cable I'have tried so far, big sound, thick and out of focus,sounded a little better in my transport, can see this cable working, on a bright solid state system, VH audio flavor4,is a better value, very close sonically, but the Mojo,is less dynammic, cable was given to me by a friend, so cant' complaint in that regard:

Hi Guys...Benjamin here...owner of Mojo Audio. A wise man once said: "we only learn from our failures and not from out successes." Of course in my opinion the audiophile market is more like that ice cream place that advertises 31 flavors...something for everyone. I don't want this to come off as an advertisement but I do what my customers to get what they want and to know what they are getting. Juan may be in the minority, but he is not the first audiophile to try one of my power cords and make similar comments of them sounding "dark/slow." Granted, I get just as many audiophiles that tell me the my 8AWG Cross-Helix sounds too "revealing/fatiguing" as I get that tell me it sounds too "dark/slow." By comparison, the NOS wire cords I make are on the darker/sweeter side of neutral. My ribbon cords are neutral and QUITE revealing and my ribbon cords with plated plug sets are more on the "lively/forward/intense" side of neutral. If a customer complains about "fatigue" I send them a clip on ferrite core and recommend a hospital grade isolation transformer that they can buy used on eBay for under $200. If a customer makes the "dark/slow" comments I recommend plated plugs. I sell both pure copper and plated versions of plugs with my power cords. Anyone that has done A/B tests will tell you that solid copper and brass are the most musically coherent and that plated plugs have a more "lively/forward/intense" sound. What some come to realize is that the more "lively/forward/intense" a plug sounds the less musically coherent it also sounds. Time, tune, and musical flow are sacrificed at the expense of excitement. I not only sell plated versions of the same pure copper plugs I use, I'm also a Furutech, Hubbell, and Wattgate distributor and can sell cords with any of their plug sets as well. My first year in business I sold sold brass Wattgate plugs on my basic cords and Furutech plugs as an upgrade option. I had more returns for refund in 3 months of offering the Furutech upgrade than I had any other year. Seriously. When I switched from the Wattgate brass to my current pure copper plug sets I went from about 10% returns to less than 1%. Live and learn. All that being said, let me end by saying that I would be happy to discuss ANYTHING with ANYONE off the forums but will not be adding to this posting. If you own any of my power cords and would like to try a clip on ferrite core or change to a plated plug set, I will gladly do this for the cost of shipping. I could never hope to be everyone's favorite, but I hope some of you found this helpful. Benjamin
I did extensive power cable listening tests comparing a 11 AWG Zu Bok, a 13 AWG Mac Ultimate Source, and early generation 10AWG non-braided Mojo Audio NOS WE cord with Furutech connectors. My system contains Revel F-52 speakers, Emotiva XPA-1 amps, a Marantz AV8003 prepro, a MHDT Havana DAC, a Epik Knight subwoofer & homemade sound absorption panels. I was comparing the different PC's on the Marantz AV8003 prepro.

I really hated the SQ of the Zu Bok as the low frequencies were non-existent in comparison.

Overall I preferred the Mojo Audio Power 10AWG non-braided cord with Furutech connectors.
Hi Benjamin from Mojo Audio again.

I'm glad to hear that Madu prefers the 10AWG w/ Furutech connectors.

Keep in mind that the specific cord that Madu refers to is a VERY old design. The 10AWG Cross-Helix is much better. The 8AWG Cross-Helix is even better than that and the XPC ribbon power cords are in a TOTALLY different league.

Just because the cord is made by Mojo Audio and uses a certain AWG or type of wire doesn't mean it is the same as the one described in a specific forum posting or review you may have read.

My point is this; I'm beginning to see a few people selling older versions of Mojo Audio power cords on Audiogon and eBay. If anyone is interested in more information about used Mojo Audio cords being sold by individuals please feel free to contact me and I'll let you know how they compare to later or current models.

Also, in most cases I can tell you what version/model Mojo Audio cord was reviewed by what person.
Last summer I spent a bit of cash upgrading and after a big investment (to me at least), I wound up not even listening to my stereo for a week and a half. Very disappointed. Then I started researching the possible areas where I was having problems. I remembered one sales guy I talked to that couldn't stress power cords enough.

So after many hours of research I stumbled on a Mojo Audio 8AWG Cross-Helix PC here on AGon. I called him up, we chatted for a bit and I bought it. Came in a couple days later. It was like Christmas. I plugged it in and it made every previous investment in my stereo worth every penny and then some. Believe it or not, I use this on my DAC. I plan on picking up another 8AWG Cross-Helix for my source and the XPC-7 for my amp once I return to the states.

It is an amazing cable. If you don't like it (you will), you can return it (but you won't). :)

This cable makes me wonder sometimes if it is truly necessary to buy all the high-end gear we think we need to obtain great sound.

Another very satisfied user here coming out of many 3K plus PC's from the past.

These PC's are WAY quieter, far more dynamic and musical from top to bottom by a long shot.

I currently run the XPC-2 ribbon PC's and they sound off the charts.

There's also an XPC-5 and 7 version that's supposed to be better yet, but I'm not in a hurry at all.