Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there? • View topic - Half pipe and slippers..........


As long as we're one-upping on numbers, I turn 76 in January. Along with age comes a long list of doctors (specialists) and an equally long list of medications

On a serious note, my sister passed away last week from medullary thyroid cancer She was 11 months and 22 days my junior. It was a 7year battle with the assistance of a study drug that worked really well until it didn't..


But at least I'm still here. Based on his optimal listening position, his right ear must be his good one.

Impossible not to buy smoke free, pet free, covid free used audiophile equipment.

So no one smokes a pipe and turns on the console. 

I am 65 and do enjoy a tobacco pipe now and then, but at least 2 miles from my listening room.


Our next home will have a smoke friendly audio room so I may just get myself a smoking jacket. And hat!

Fortunately for me, my wife also enjoys the occasional sharing of a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Claro #3 with her hubby. I'm not too concerned about whoever may or may not buy my equipment. You see, I'll be listening to it until my eyes close for the last time. After that, it won't be my problem! 😏 

Happy listening.