Any owners of Genesis Genre II speakers?


I found a pair of these suckers in my garage, I guess they belonged to my dad. Hooked them up and the tweeters didn't work, so I took them out and cleaned off the contacts. The tweeters are working now but they sound hollow and staticy, which is a shame because the midrange is very nice. I tested them out with a Pioneer SX-880, not the best but it drives my Vandersteen 1Cs nicely without the high frequency static.

I'm wondering if anyone owns a pair or has listened to them in the past and know how the tweeters sound or are supposed to sound.
Thanks a lot, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Don't know if this is the Genesis that you're talking about, but you can find info about them at the Human Speakers website. So long as the foam isn't rotted on all of the drivers, they are worth investing a couple of dollars into just to have as spares. Sean
I have had a pair of Genesis Genre II's for a long time. They were pretty decent if used with a sub crossed at 60 hz or so. The tweeters were excellent in my opinion. Unfortunately my midbass surrounds rotted out a couple of years ago. Now they are just another project in my basement. The Human Speakers website seems to be for some other Genesis brand.