Any "lifestyle" speakers actually good for music?

I'm thinking about moving my main system out of the family room (to a seperate listening room) and replacing it with a system that blends in better.

Do any of the lifestyle systems like Focal Domes, Definitive Pro-cinemas, Gallo Divas, etc actually sound good on music? I'm thinking of a 5.1 setup that can go up on the walls/shelves with small form factor. Use would be for music/tv/movies. Another option might be small on wall speakers like Dynaudio 42W.

I'm thinking of a moderate budget, say under $1500 for the whole thing.

Possible? Bad idea? What do you think?
I might also check out Orb Audio speakers, 5 of those and a sub or two would probably do the trick.
Here are some interesting ones, the AEGO
The Ord Audio speakers look pretty cool. They are visually similar to Gallo ADivas. Anyone actually heard them?

I've read alot about the Def Techs, mostly in home theater mags vs stereo mags. I'll have to go give them a listen.