Any recommendation for a CD changer?

I have an Aiwa modded by Stan Warren. Unfortunately cats finally tore up the optical cable from the CDP to my DAC. Unless someone has an idea where to get the parts for the cable or to find the cable itself I'll probably need the new CDP. Thanks. 


My cat did the same thing...ate right through my expensive Audioquest optical cable. I immediately noticed, however, that his "meooow" had a much smoother, more full-bodied sound.

They didn't chew on it. They ran right through the bundle of cables when they were chasing each other behind the rack. Unfortunately I don't have any sound now smooth or otherwise right now.  But I am shocked it lasted this long. Over twenty years...until I introduced the new kitten, that likes to play a lot. 

Nakamichi MB10.  I’ve had one - modded - for 22(ish) years.  Doesn’t get a lot of use anymore, but still works.  The unusual vertical stacking mechanism (“MusicBank”) was licensed to McIntosh when they came out with a changer (MCD 7008). You still see them come up on ebay from time to time.

the best sony es changers, the carousel ''disk jockey's'', date back to 89-90ish. after that sony made them more plasticky. nak music banks are good, stick with the second gen and later 94-99. the third gen was actually a direct repurposing of their car audio music banks, which were good (i had one). if you don't mind commodity-grade stuff you can always find the 400-disc sony mega changers--