Any reviews of SP's Mellon Collie reissue?

Deciding whether the purchase is the lp but originals go for $400. So the reissue at $80 seems a bargain...if it sounds good.
Check out the Steve Hoffman forums. Feedback varies widely. It seems the LPs are challenging for a stylus to track. They were apparently cut with very little dead wax area and many complain of IGD especially on the song Zero. Others notice no problem and some call it the reissue of the year. My guess is good alignment and a stylus in good condition will be a big help. I wonder if Stevenson alignment might be best as I believe that minimizes IGD the best.

I'm not sure how but some are claiming to have gotten the set from Amazon for only $30. Now that would be a bargain, even with slight IGD.

I have the set already but it's officially a Christmas present from my son who is very excited to give me a record for Christmas. I won't be able to try it myself for 10 days but I can wait. I'm really not even supposed to know about it. (Wink, wink)
Well, there've been so many complaints on the Hoffman forums that I had to check out my copy before Christmas. I don't want to have to return my son's gift and potentially upset him(he didn't know what the title was, only that it was a record his mom ordered).

First of all, the packaging and art work are outstanding, some of the best I've seen. I cleaned all four records on my Audio Desk before playing. They are all flat and look perfect(minimal dead wax run out confirmed). The overall look of the set would be hard to improve on.

So far I've played through nearly the whole set on two different cartridges and don't find the sound objectionable. I would say sound quality varies throughout with the "quieter" songs like 1979 sounding the best. The album needs to be played loud IMO to open up and I'm noticing none of the problems on the song Zero that have been mentioned. I hear very little surface noise and little distortion or break up even on the inner grooves thus far. This was never touted as an "audiophile" recording when it was made and to me it sounds like I would expect a SP album to sound.

This was an early pre-order through Sound Stage Direct so maybe it's from early in the run. Most complaints seem to come from those who got it on Amazon. Could Amazon have gotten a bad lot? I don't know. It's a beautiful set that I'll be keeping even if it's not exactly an audiophile demo disc. It's mighty pretty to look at too as I said.
The LPs are clean, FLAT and centered, but Zero, Tonight, tonight, XYU and other tracks that are "loud" tracks sound very compressed, messy and simply, bad. Those have been a huge downer for me. This is one of my favorite albums and I was pining for this rerelease only to be only somewhat satisfied...
I like the SP Mellon Collie and my original CD sounds compressed, messy and bad. I don't know what the original LPs sounded like but I am guessing this is just how it was recorded.
I listened to Zero tonight. It;s horrible. Completely distorted. However the other tracks didnt seem to suffer as much-but Im not done listening.
None of those issues exists on my original (#1419 of 10,000), it is the best LP in my collection. There is excellent dynamic range, no compression, a truly excellent pressing. I questioned my sanity at the time, but it has been the best money I've ever spent to acquire this gem as a new unopened LP a few years ago.
Yes I had the orginal too but sold it when Iwas offered $400. Now i wish I had it back.
It would be really fun to compare an original to the reissue. I'm happy with my reissue as I said and it sounds as I would expect this band to sound. I don't consider this audiophile material but it sounds as good as any of the other Smashing Pumpkins reissues on the five tonearm/cartridge combinations I've tried. The only one I have as an original is Siamese Dream and to me it's not head and shoulders over the reissues. I really don't notice the distortion people are having problems with. I think Zero sounds fine. I have trouble keeping the volume at a "safe" level though.

I'm not sure I can see spending $400 on an original but it would be great to have as a collectors item and for comparison. I hope no one bought this based on my comments and was disappointed. Based on the many times I've played through this in the last couple weeks I wouldn't retract anything though.
Nothing wrong with my Mellon Collie reissue at all. Nothing. Sorry man. Check your setup, get a different copy, or just come listen to mine. Maybe this music could sound better, I just can't quite picture it.
I upgraded my tonearm and realigned everything and still am experiencing horrible mistraking on certain tracks. I am at my wits' end. I wish I knew how to ameliorate this problem...