Any Rhode Island audiophiles out there?

Just moved to Rhode Island from out west and this state seems to be a high-end audio waste land 🙁

Any other audio fans out there in Rhode Island?  Maybe even a club?  Any decent high end retailers in the state?  I haven’t been able to locate any.


I live in Rhode Island, welcome!  There used to be a lot of good Audio stores in the State but they are all gone now. Ocean State Audio was the last one to leave. I used to shop at a really nice high end store in North Dartmouth, Mass but the owner died and the son ran the company deep into the ground.  Most of the stores are in the Boston area and the outlying suburbs. 
I would be interested in an Audio Club and perhaps a few of the other Rhode Islanders will chime in as well.  Where in RI do you live?  I am in the northern part of the state about half a mile from the Mass state line.  
Hello! Thanks for your response. At least there is one other RI audiophile out there 🙂 ... Sadly high-end audio brick and mortar shops are slowly becoming a thing of the past, for multiple reasons. So I am not fully surprised nothing left here in RI. I actually owned a shop with my dad for many years but eventually we closed up due to same unmentioned reasons above. Anyway, hopefully some additional RI folks will chime in here and we can seriously pursue forming a club. By the way, I have a bunch of used audio equipment that I need to sell as I am in a much smaller place now. Need to downsize. Any thoughts on how to sell locally? Some items I can sell on Audiogon, but some, like speakers, subwoofers, etc I have no boxes for and no way to ship.

I am in south county, North Kingstown to be exact 😉

Feel free to reach out to me directly at mkriggs1 at gmail dot com
I am in southeast MA.  I recommend you take a ride up to Audio Video Therapy which is just a mile over the MA border as you go into NH on Rt 3
I live next door in south eastern CT. There are a few audio stores in CT, but they're all down closer to NYC.
All ... I have a bunch of used equipment to sell.  Moved into smaller place and need to downsize.  Very nice stuff.  Would rather have local pickup than shipping it.  Let me know if you are interested and I can publish a list of stuff in this thread.
Just noticed this forum topic.  I’m in Newport most of the time.  I know of one other audiophile nearby.  My primary system is down in Mamaroneck NY (Vandersteen 2CE’s, REL B-1 sub, Rogue audio magnum, NYAL Moscode 600, Quad CDP-2, Luxman PD 441 turntable with Grado The Reference cartridge.)  I’d be interested in a club.