Any rock fans out there?

I preordered Black Sabbath 13 album and received it on 6/11. All I can say is wow, Ozzy, Geezer and Tony hit a home run with this album. The music is all new, but in the traditional 'master of reality', "vol 4", self titled albums. The pressing is super quiet, 33, 2 album set. Bass and drums are fantastic on this pressing. The music and lyrics are great and in tradition of old Black Sabbath, "I don't believe that God is dead". Since I know I have to ask a question, my question is, are there any rock fans out there?
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You're in good company, Captain :)
It's not out here yet (UK) but I've pre-ordered mine too.
Glad to hear your welcome critique.

Interesting that Tony, Ozzy & Geezer stated on their website that they've developed enough material for several more albums.
Best keep the wallet to hand :D

All the best m8....
Heard 13 on MOG and was pleasantly surprised. I can see it sounding well on full resolution . Think Iommi in particular did great with the guitar parts and harmonies with a mix of old school BS, Heaven and Hell BS, and contemporary hard rock sounds.
Very much looking forward to their live show this Summer
What is this Rock stuff I keep hearing about? Is it as good as Perry Como and Doris Day that mother and me listen to on special occasions. Brings us to tears every time!
Mr.Norman Bates
Rock fan here and heard to stay away from the cd version of 13. Supposedly loud and compressed. Too bad because BS's SHM-SACD's are far from this.
My copy of "13" was delivered yesterday. :)

You beat me to it Captain.....I was just about to report their No.1 success. :)
Incredible that a group of aged 60+ heavy metal rockers can achieve this.
Their contemporaries must be thinking hard?!?!?
Cheers! Aging rockers unite! 50+ year old headbanger here. Just ordered "13" myself off Amazon. 3/4's of 'Sabbath is well worth the wait, but I'd have liked to see Bill Ward on this project. Iommi is the master of riffage.
Note: They are touring NOW! Just snagged my tickets to see them at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, (California...for those of you not familiar with the venue)
I wonder who will be on the drum kit for the tour? Vinnie Appice?
Rock, definitely, but not much metal. I like a lot of what I hear, but I don't generally buy. My listening levels are different at 60 than they were in my 20's when I was trying to match the volume of my Orange half-stack (my stereo amp then was a Mac 2300).
Hi Actus,
You asked about the vinyl quality?
Can't answer the sound quality component of the question as mine was still sealed in its plastic wrapper :)
However, I took it out and inspected it and it looks a very nice production. Content is split over 2X LPs as normal. They've kept it simple. Instead of poly lined inner sleeves with separate sleeves for notes, they've opted for just the illustrated glossy paper ones.
What's good about this is that un-lined plain paper covers are usually undersized and stick to the vinyl like glue. I usually end up surgically removing them before replacing with decent covers :(

I confess that I prefer to de-louse new albums of MRA before listening so I'll let this one "bleed" for a bit longer before cleaning! :)

In terms of LP stamping quality, the only albums I've heard of any problem with were the Rhino re-issues on 180g which had the occasional case of "non-fill"?

Although I still enjoy my 40+ yr old 120g copies of the earliest albums, a couple of years back I shelled out for Vertigo labelled Audiophile 180g editions of "Vol 1, Paranoid, Masters of Reality, and Vol4". These were all fine and non-problematic.
When listening to heavy-metal, absolute sound quality was never highest on my list of priorities but new 180g pressings are still worth getting.
Hope this helps.
Cheers buddy :)
Martinmoblie: The drummer will be Tommy Clufetos. He plays in Ozzy's band and has played for Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Rob Zombie...
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Hello Dave_72 and thanks for the info. I know that differences between studio versions and touring versions of bands exist all the time. The new "13" features the drummer from Rage against the Machine. Really would be cool if the 4 founding Godfathers of Metal could put aside whatever differences they still have as it's been over 30 years. One would think all the bullshit and drama could be over by now, huh? Bill Ward is the one holding the grudge still, I think? Still going to be an awesome tour to experience! Shoreline Amphitheater is a killer place to see big rock shows, great acoustics IMHO. I've seen RUSH, AEROSMITH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, OZZFEST, and countless other rock/metal acts there. In less than 2 weeks (June 30th) I'm seeing Mayhem Festival there with ROB ZOMBIE as Headliner. 'Sabbath makes it's mark in August.
Cool thread, and nice to see that other rockers and metal heads can come forth and celebrate the "heavier" stuff. We're all Audiophiles even if it's not just Classical or Jazz, or Chamber music, or Opera that gets us off. I love all the styles of music that I just mentioned. Used to work in Jazz format radio for almost 10 years. But the "heavy" stuff has always been one of my favorite kinds of music...much to the dismay of all the guys in my Audiophile society. They tell me I'm the hardest rocking Audiophile they've ever known! Ha Ha Ha! Rock on fellow headbangers...Rock on!
Thanks Viridian. To this day I am always amazed that those guys let me play with them. BTW we have 2LPs out and will be recording the 3rd shortly.
Thanks for your response. When you get a chance to listen to the album, let us know how it sounds and the overall quality. I really want to get this album, but I had some quality issues with BS reissues in the past so would like to know before I drop my scanty bucks on the new album. Thanks!
Actus, you are most welcome.
I got my copy for an extremely reasonable pre-order price. (Given that it's vinyl, it might be harder to get one later?)
If it all goes pear-shaped you can always claim a refund?
All the best....
If you like the music,you will not be disappointed with the pressing or sound quality, price is also very reasonable, relative nowadays. Pull the trigger.
Martinmoble: Cool story. According to the band (Sabbath,) Bill Ward couldn't hack it on the drums. Look it up. Anyway, I like all those bands too. Some heavy metal and hard rock recordings from the 70s onward are surprisingly good sounding, as you probably know. I do like Classical and Jazz too. That's nice you have an audiophile society. I tried to get one going here
(Las Vegas,) and it was all talk no action.
Moonglum and Captain_winters,
Thanks guys. I'm a huge Black Sabbath fan, especially with Ozzy so I'll be getting this record. About a year ago I got an opened but untouched 5 LP set called "Black Sabbath - The Ozzy Osbourne Years" for a whooping $15 at my local record store, which is insane. It's an European release, and I understand it's pretty rare on vinyl. By far one of my best finds.
Also, I caught a rerun of an episode of "That Metal Show" on VH1 from about a year ago or so with Tony Iommi as a guest. What a humble, modest and down-to-earth guy. For a guy who's one of the founding fathers of heavy metal and venerated all over the world for decades, it speaks volumes about his character and integrity. Love the guy.
I have first UK pressings Vertigo of Self Titled, Master of Reality, Vol 4, and Bloody WWA first UK pressing, and the sound quality of 13 definitely is right up there with them. If you like the music, I can't imagine you will be disappointed with the sound quality. I have talked to 2 others in my circle that also agree with me. If you buy it and don't like the sound quality or pressing, I am almost, almost willing to send you the $20 myself.
Thanks for the offer, but I think with all the great advice you've given me on this board, I'd still owe you money regardless of how "13" sounds...:)
Well, considering that all the LPs I bought between 1970 & 2000 were never cleaned, I decided to play "13", without cleaning, just for the hell of it. :)

Manufacturing details first :
- Excellent centricity (holes not significantly off-centre)
- LPs were flat & warp free.
- Very clean pressings - well made.
- The runout grooves were well clear of the "shoulder" of the label area so no need to panic at the EOS.
- A minor criticism was that the good mastering work was spoiled by the packagers. Interior sleeves were too tight! Someone needs to show the packaging suppliers an existing LP cover for comparison. The inner sleeves were 1/4" smaller than those for regular 120g! Friction + static means they get well & truly stuck. Careless handling is liable to damage the LP during extraction. :(

Recording itself is fine and no sign of any MRA interference during play. All 4 sides played cleanly and were 100% interference free.
I won't add to the excellent reviews above other than to say the opening track will remind you of BS vol 1. Nice touch at the very end of the album (won't reveal the secret - don't want to spoil it for you! :)
@ Actusreus: You're welcome. Cool story. I agree about Tony Iommi...I hope to meet him and get his autograph one day. Easier said than done!
@ Captain_winters: I do have the UK WWA of 'Paranoid.' I found it to be better sound-wise than the WB green label. I also have 'Never Say Die!' on the UK Vertigo label. That sounds good too. All the other ones with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals I have on the Warner Brothers label. These are all originals, as far as I know. So, if '13' is that good, I will buy it. Hell, I was gonna buy it anyway! Now I have no doubts.
Cheers Dave....BTW, MRA refers to Mould Release Agent which is a chemical embedded in the vinyl compound to prevent the LPs sticking to the mould when they are manufactured.
There used to be a great debate, years ago, about whether to clean the stuff off the surface after it had settled (apparently vinyl can continue to "express" MRA for year/s afterwards...)
Some felt it acted as a stylus "lubricant" and refused to clean it while others maintained it was destructive/obstructive and must be removed at all costs.

The latter argument is probably a safe bet however it doesn't always manifest itself in an intrusive way. It probably depends on whether they got the formula right? (I'm no chemist so I hope those that are will forgive any misconceptions on my part - and should feel free to add to our knowledge on the subject :)
On the other hand, occasionally, I've seen/heard LPs that actually sounded damaged(!)- mistracking severely on peaks etc - and the only explanation was MRA. Once this was thoroughly removed the LP would play flawlessly.
All the best.....
Oh ok, thanks for the explanation on that. Hmm...yeah, I just might have records like you described. What is your method for cleaning, may I ask?
I use the AIVS 3-step regimen on new (and used) records. The first step is pre-soaking with the Enzymatic Formula that helps remove any release compounds. AIVS also makes Formula 15, which is designed for tough cleaning jobs, including removal of the MRA. I highly recommend AIVS products. I've been using them for years now and I absolutely love them. Jim Pendleton, who is the designer and owner of AIVS, also sells record cleaning brushes through his company Osage Audio, and I think they are the best brushes on the market. I have no affiliation with Jim other than a great experience as a customer.

Regarding Bill Ward, my understanding was that there was some sort of a contractual dispute that resulted in him not participating in the making of the new album. Interesting that you heard it was related to his drumming.
This stuff (LAST Power Cleaner) is proven to work on MRA...

Kind regards....

Thank you for that. Much appreciated.

Yes, there was. Then it was revealed that his drumming was not up to snuff. I'm surprised they even offered him anything after that was known!