Any Talon Khite owners out there

So I bought a pair of Talon Khites not too long ago just to see how they sound. I had heard a pair of Talon Khorus at a NYC show years ago and I thought they sounded pretty good from my old recollection. I don't have the manual for them and don't see where I can find one online, so I don't know what kind of stands they should be put on. I seeking advice about these speakers from any Talon owners out there. Thanks!
Are you talking about the old Talon Khite speakers?  In a wood finish?

If you bought them thinking they would sound like the new Talons, I would be wary of that assumption.  I'd say what I thought of the Khites...but since you already bought them..;-)

How do they sound to you?
That's okay prof, you can say it. Mine are in a black finish and they are the old Talon's. I bought them for an extremely low price just to experiment. I haven't hooked them up yet so I don't know how they sound.

I hope you got them cheap :-)

If they are the model I remember (and I'm pretty sure), I'd expect a pretty colored sound - rich, but dark (to be diplomatic).
Thanks prof - I guess I will find out. I did get them cheap so it's not a problem. There were some pretty good reviews out there at a time which is the reason I think I would take the plunge.
I used my Khites on Target stands, like these

I lead-filled the stands so they weighed around 100 lbs a side, then used Audiopoints between stand and speaker, spiked into the underside.

I didn't think the Khites were that bad. I lived with em for a couple years or more. They are dark sounding so I wouldn't use them with tubes, but they worked well with SS amps.
I had my Khites on stands similar to rooze and also lead filled.  I liked my Khites (my first system) and my daughter loves them (her first system).  With a good amp and front end they sounded fine from the sweet spot.
@rooze @fixedincome - Hey thanks guys! and thank you for the link Rooze, that's what I needed to know! Those are some good looking stands too! I'm going to give them a try and see what I think. Thanks everyone!