Any thoughts on the new McIntosh MC302 amp?

My dealer just picked up the Mac line and says he likes this amp. It must be new enough that McIntosh hasn't yet listed it on their website.

Anyone hear this amp, or know anything about it?

In this price range, the same dealer also carries the new ARC DS250 (a class D, albeit a proprietary version of class D)....any thoughts? Anyone have experience with either or both of these amps?

Thanks...much appreciated.

The new MC302 is the 300 watt version of the MC252 it replaces. This should be a better sounding amp than the MC252 in that the power supply has been improved. However the MC252 and MC302 are the only amps with in the McIntosh Autoformer line that DO NOT use the double balanced technology that they use in all the other amps. Why? I don't know, they will tell you cost. But the bottom line is the noise floor is not as quiet as it in a MC402/MC452 or on up in the product line. However let me add that it is still a good amp. Just pointing out the difference within the product line.
Hey thanks Theo. I appreciate your input.

Anyone else have any eperience with this new amp?