Any upgrades done on CAmbridge D500se?

I am wondering, because I just can't leave well enough alone, what kind of things people are doing to improve their D500se players.
upgrade the clock using a diy kwak-clock.

ps. I don't have this player but upgrading the clock always helps.
Definitely get a better power cord. That one they give you is pretty cheap. Even a $7 stock fatter 14AWG cord from the hardware store is better.
Call Brad at Virtual Mode (203) 929-0876. Ask him about his radiation and resonance control tweeks. The guy knows his stuff. His philosophy is all about presenting the digital format in its best possible manor, without NOISE!!!!!, internal and or otherwise. Ask him to send some info about his products. Look he took my giga changer and made it sound like a very high end transport.
I second Sugarbrie on Power Cords. I replaced the stock cord on my Cambridge D300SE with an Absolute Power Cord and it made a big improvement, especially on bass response.
email me and I'll send you some details. You need to know on how to use a soldering iron. I'll also email you the designer's email and you can buy it off him.