Any Vertere Acoustics owners out there that could provide feedback on the Super Grove?

Looking to purchase a Vertere Super Groove Turntable and would love to hear any feedback, experiences or insights on Vertere Acoustics or the Super Grove model. 

Thanks in advance!

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Have you received any response to your question? If it isn’t too late, I have owned the SG-1 and now own the RG-1. Let me know and I would be happy to share my very positive experience.


I had never heard of it , but I reviewed the design and am happy to report that it ticks off the most important design features necessary for optimum performance. It is a neutral balance design which means it's VTF will not change with elevation. It has adjustable effective mass. It has fine azimuth adjustment. It's vertical bearing is down at the surface of the record for minimal warp wow. It's cable exits below the the tonearm board and It also looks nicely constructed. The only thing missing is a frictionless magnetic anti skate system. I also prefer single wire cartridge to phono stage termination. The Vertere has a DIN socket. I did not check on the price, but I would put it a around $5-6000 US. It's competition would be the Reed 2G, the Schroder CB, and the Tri Planar. From a design perspective the Vertere is better than the majority of tonearms on the market and certainly worth consideration. I run the Schroder CB because it has all those features plus single cable cartridge to phono stage and magnetic antiskating. The CB's major con is that it does not have a tonearm rest. Frank Schroder thinks they are a tuning fork. Working on a tonearm that is not locked in place is a recipe for disaster. I made my own locking rest.

"Super Grove" - Sir Charles?

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