Anybody have an actively multi-amplified system?


I am one of the very rare breeds that has a fully active system, 6 Jeff Rowland monoblocks running Klipschorns with an Accuphase F-25V electronic crossover in front of the amplifiers, and the passive crossovers taken out of the speakers. It sounds absolutely phenomenal, like nothing else out there. I've been in the business 35 years and have yet to meet anyone (in home audio at least) who has done something similar. It's done all the time in pro audio, yet nobody talks about it for home use. It's widely known that an actively amplified setup simply IS better than any passively crossed over speaker, since the dividing is done before the amplifier, each amplifier only amplifies a certain frequency range, and then the output of the amplifier is connected directly to an individual driver with nothing in between. If anyone has such a setup, is interested in learning more about one, or wants to throw in their 2 cents, please do! It's about time we did talk about this, and I can't believe in all these years more companies haven't actively (pun intended) embraced this type of setup. Also, if anyone has crossover cards for an F-25V crossover, please let me know!!!
If I were putting together an ultimate system and had a deep enough checkbook I totally agree.
Even some of the cheaper active speakers are very good values now. It just makes sense that the speaker builder would know the ideal amplification. I have been thinking of going the active route and would love to hear from those that are already there.
Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind when you bring up a system like that is a movie theatre or some type application that requires a lot of volume over refinement. (PA system, Night Club, etc.)

I just want to clarify, though, I'm not trying to be negative in any way. I'm just throwing my comment out there because you wanted to start a conversation on the topic. I find it very interesting and if there's something to be gotten out of all this, I'd like to find out.
Your reaction, Zd, is somewhat understandable, since almost all active systems ARE in the pro world. They need efficiency and volume...maximum SPL per watt. They use Crown and Crest amplifiers, which sound like hell. Pro audio anything means reliability, it HAS to just WORK above all else, sound quality be damned. Lots of protection circuits. I started 3 threads by accident, so if you look at one of the other ones, the guy with Maggies says it all...he's running 2 Citation amps actively crossed over, and is realizing far more slam, dynamics, power, clarity...everything you'd want, and it's almost all due to the power drinking, time shifting, dynamics robbing passive crossovers. If you ever get to hear two systems side by side, one active and one passive, the difference is stunning. You have no idea how much is lost in those circuits between amp and driver.
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*um* Does employing a distribution amp (6-2chan., w/4 pairs ’out’ each) qualify?

Yes, it’s not ’squeaky clean’ as SOTA allows (and neither am I, but I can always stand ’downwind’ if required), but it does allow me a lot more flexibility than most...

Just curious, J

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