Anybody have experience with using Iso-Acoustics Iso-pucks under Maggies?

I must say I was recently impressed with the video Paul McGowen of PS Audio posted about the use of Iso-Acoustics Iso-pucks under speakers at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Show. Does anyone out there have experience using them with Maggies?  I'm really tempted to try these under my 3.7's. Any feedback is sincerely appreciated!
mdrummer01, I was wondering the same thought, I also have a pair of the 3.7's. In my situation, I use the Mye stands with my 3.7's and I'm not sure if the application would fit without contacting IsoAcoustics. I would think the GAIA would work.
The Iso-Puck is load rated---20 lbs. maximum. It is intended more for components and stand-mounted speakers. The IsoAcoustics GAIA is intended for floor mounted speakers such as Maggies. Competition for the GAIA is the Townshend Audio Seismic products (pods, platforms, etc.).
Mye stands are almost a must hav e for Maggie’s.   The difference is most discernible.  Bought mine with my 3.6s 10 years ago, best bang for the buck in audio for Maggie’s of any size.
As I stated early on in this thread, I have my 3.7’s on the Mye stands and there is a great improvement. The question is will the GAIA improve the Mye stands and/or the original legs that come on the Maggies?
I'm guessing that mdrummer01 was refearing to the GAIA as seen in the video I posted.
I have modded Maggie's 1.6qr on Sound Anchor stands. I got the Isoacoustics Gaia 2s for them. What an instant improvement. Outstanding. The reviews are dead on. No B.S. they are worth the money. 
Competition for the GAIA is the Townshend Audio Seismic Puck, priced about the same as the GAIA 2, I believe.