Sorbothane pucks for verity audio parsifal encores

I decided to be cheap and rather than pay $700 for 2 pieces of aluminum and 16 sorbothane pucks for the verity parsifal encore platforms make a platform myself. The aluminum was easy, but the sorbothane is a bit trickier since you need to correct specs for the weight of the load for the sorbothane to be effective. Does anyone have the original pucks and can you tell me the dimensions and if possibly the duro value (there is 30, 50 and 70). From the Verity pics they appear to be about 2" in diameter. I suspect they are 1/4" thick. If they are very gellyish this would be a duro 30. Any guidance on matching weight load with sorbothane is welcome.
Instead of using that material, you might explore the Star Technologies Sistrum stands. They are amazingly effective in allowing your speakers to perform at their best-no hype.
Herbie has a great product, the cone/spike decoupling gliders that go under the speakers feet or the stands feet, if you're using a stand and the flat dots that go between the monitor and woofer. Total cost is $125, a real bargain